16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


 No ID Needed: Tim Tebow And Tom Brady Register To Vote In Minnesota

Ninth Circuit Rules Against Marriage

Hamas-CAIR Tells Their Tools At Department Of Justice To Probe Oregon FBI

Catholic Church Decision Highlights The Totalitarian Nature
 Of The Obama Regime

Big Business: Planned Parenthood Raking
In $164 Million In Abortion Money Each Year

Vending Machine At Pennsylvania College Dispenses ‘Morning After’ Pill

ILLEGAL Immigration

Obama Amnesty: Deportations At Record Low

 Obama Names Taxpayer Funded Advocate For Illegal Immigrants

Federal Court Halts Deportations Of Illegal Immigrants, Cites Obama Policy

Former Border Agent Details National Security Threats Spilling Into The US:
This Admin. Trying To Facilitate Entry Of  Illegal Aliens Into The United States

Barack Obama

Obama Tells Press What To Cover: ‘You Gotta Lift This Up’

Obama Admin. Hosts Fashion Show Tuesday Night, Raises Legal Questions

Obama Forms Super PAC He Once Decried

Obama Releases List Of Top Money ‘Bundlers’ — Solyndra, Corzine, Lobbyists
UPDATE: Fast And Furious Fugitive

Obama Birth Control Rule Could Cost Dems The Congress



#Occupiers Pillage Portland — Smash Windows, Dump Trash,
 Harass Media/Cops, Riot (Video)

Ohio Dem Gives Occupiers Tickets To Disrupt Kasich Speech


 Third Time Santorum (R) Gets Glitter Bombed

‘Glitter Bomb’ Thug: Secret Service Apprehend Man At Romney (R) Event

Democrat-Activist Media

Obama Contradicts Holder And Others On Iran’s In-U.S. Terror Capability;
Lauer Seemingly Clueless

CNN Demeans Republicans As Drag Queens

Media Pits Non-Existent Right to Free Birth Control Against First Amendment

After 17 Days, NBC Nightly News Finally Mentions Obama Mandate On Catholics

Hollywood Cheers Prop 8 Ruling Via Twitter


Inspired By Michelle Obama, Walmart Introduces ‘Healthier’
Food Logo, Plans To Track ‘Behavior Shift’ 

Sheila Jackson Lee: Privatizing TSA Screeners Would Be Asking For Another 9/11


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