No ID Needed: Tim Tebow And Tom Brady Register To Vote In Minnesota


Democrats say it’s racist to require a photo ID to vote, even when the states are willing to pay the cost for those who can’t afford it. The Democrat Party thrives off voter fraud and that is why they say such stupid things about requiring photo identification in order to vote. Voter ID ensures every American citzens’ vote.

Another great video (below) from James O’Keefe.


PJ Media:

On the day of the Minnesota caucus, shocking video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas – broken here first at PJ Media – shows how easy it is to register NFL stars Tim Tebow, Tom Brady and practically anybody else to vote in that state.

No identification of any sort is needed, just a name! In fact, you can take 20 application forms home, fill them in, check the “no ID” slot and batch register people in absentia. Even local election officials are dismayed with the complete lack of authentication of any sort. On the video, they admit “We’re not the police.” 

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