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The Stimulus Chart Obama Doesn’t Want You To See

New CBO Report Decimates ‘Obamanomics’: Real Unemployment Hits 15%

Sen. Lee: ‘Heavens, No!’ Constitution Doesn’t Give
Gov’t Authority To Force Companies To Provide Products For Free 

Poet Maya Angelou Calls Obama Critics Racist

UAW Freezes Pay Of Non-Union GM Workers

Taliban Refuse Constitution. Sharia Only

 The ObamaCare Mandates Have Only Just Begun 


Barack Obama

Obama Hits 2 Reelection Fundraisers Today

Obama Reverses Progress On ILLEGAL Immigration

Obama’s New Illegal Alien Czar

Obama Disarms FBI Counter Terror Training Programs,
Purges Truth About Jihad

Democrat-Activist Media

The MSM Is Dumb: Episode A Billion

Behar: Abortion Restrictions Make Virginia Like Taliban

Wash. Post Assigns More Credibility To Iran Than To Israel

CBS Cues Up GM’s CEO To Proclaim Obama Saved GM – And The Country


Creepy: Google Bypasses Apple Browser’s Privacy Settings