Must Know Headlines


Shameless… After Continued Attacks On The Boeing Company Obama Films
Weekly Address From Inside One Of Their Plants (Video)

Obama’s Auto Industry Lies About Romney 

Obama Hauls In $269,500 Per Minute At San Fran Fundraiser

Pelosi, Boxer And Judas — Obama Lied At Notre Dame


Democrat-Activist Media

Sharpton Spins 8.3% Unemployment As “Fantastic” For Obama

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Makes Crack About The
‘Last Black Republican Left In The Party’

CNN’s O’Brien Lauds Auto Bailout That Cost Taxpayers $14 Billion  

Study: Networks Largely Ignore Catholic Officials In Mandate Coverage

Krugman’s Revealing Playboy Interview:
Supports Occupy Movement, Defends Revolting 9-11 Anniversary Comments

MSN Mocks Tebows’s Charitable Efforts

Only MSNBC And Al Sharpton Would Try To Ruin The Great Story
And Image Of  Jeremy Lin With A Stunt Like This

ESPN Apologizes For Racist Lin Headline

False Narrative Abounds Over Virginia’s Sonogram Law

Alec Baldwin: Andrew Breitbart ‘A Festering Boil On The Anus Of Public Discourse’

CNN’s Zakaria Papers Over Mass Murder