Must Know Headlines


Double Standard: Media Blamed Bush For
High Gas Prices But Give Obama A Pass

Obama Budget To Subsidize $10-K For Each Electric Car Sold 

Obama’s Racism: Completely Out Of The Closet

Experts: Obama ‘Sandbagging’ Immigration
Policy, Easing ‘Amnesty,’ Gaining Votes


Obama Trade Advisor Accused Of Buying Gold From Warlord,
Stealing From Nigerian Government

The Whitney Houston Funeral Was Filled With Stuff
That Could Never Be Said At A Democrat Convention

The Left’s Blind Eye To Non-Western Suffering

Democratic Councilman Arrested In Prostitution Sting


EVIDENCE: Dem Gov Candidate In WI Sells Out To Unions

One Year Later: Myth vs. Fact Video On Wisconsin’s Budget Reforms

Democrat-Activist Media

Michael Moore: Republicans Hate African Americans And Detroit

Al Sharpton And Elijah Cummings Lie About Fast And Furious

Olbermann Defends Convicted Rapist’s Right To Occupy 14-Year-Old Girl

Mainstream Scream Of The Week: Matthews On Limbaugh

Daily Kos Bans Blogger For Expressing Concern Over Radical Islam,
Leftist Site Posts His Picture And Information

HuffPo Slams ‘Act Of Valor’: Not Anti-Military, Anti-American Enough

MTP’s Gregory Frames Election Through Liberal Prism:
‘The Year Of Birth Control Moms’