Must Know Headlines


White House: Apology To Karzai ‘Not Appropriate’ For Reporters To See

Exclusive Interview: Infidel Victim Of Pennsylvania
Sharia Judge Reveals Inside Details Of Case

Wisconsin Gov. Expects To Run Against “Big Union Bosses From Washington”

 Poison Preachers: The Return Of Farrakhan And Pfleger


Obama Pushing ObamaCare On Troops,
Forcing Them To Pay At Least Triple For Care

 Cardinal: Catholic Hospitals May Close In Two Years Under Mandate

NY Democrat Rep. Admits At Townhall: “Basically, We’re Not Looking
To The Constitution” When It Comes To ObamaCare Mandates

Obamacare’s Top 5 Broken Promises

 Barack Obama

As Taliban Assassinate U.S. Military Officers &  Poison Troop Chow In Afghanistan, 
Obama Plans The Release Of  Taliban Prisoners From Gitmo

Obama To Cut Health Benefits For Active, Retired Military

 Company Plans New US Oil Pipeline After Obama Veto

Vitter To Obama: Prove You’re Serious And Approve Keystone XL

Democrat-Activist Media

Bill Maher Explains Why He Donated $1 Million To
Pro-Obama Super PAC: ‘These Republicans Scare Me’

Bill Maher Says Jesus Christ Was ‘Palestinian’

DNC Shark Jumper On MSNBC: Republicans In Favor Of “Letting Women Die”

Madoff-Invested Charities Contributed $365k To Media Matters

NYTimes Tries To Spin Obama’s Big Deficit Problem 

Your Obama Apologist Of  The Day: Jane Lynch

Schieffer: GOP ‘Too Far To The Right’ And Too Obsessed With Birth Control

MSNBC President: “I Want MSNBC To Reflect America
In The 21st Century, Not The America Of The 1940s.”


 At Least 2 Police Officers Hurt In Clashes With #Occupy Goons In Sacramento

Protestors Throw Urine Bombs At Denver Police