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Obamacare Regulations Already Costing Insurers Tens Of Millions 

Ken Blackwell: Holder’s ‘All-Out War’ On Voter IDs Obama Re-Election Tool

Tunisians See Washington As Too Cozy With Islamists

U.S. Silent On Top Saudi Cleric’s Call To ‘Destroy Churches’ 

Anti-Gun Groups Silent On Fast And Furious

Barack Obama

Obama Blames Congress, China For Solyndra

Huh? Obama Vows To “Drill Everywhere We Can”
Then Says Drilling Won’t Lower Gas Prices

Obama’s War On Women: No Health Care For You!

Wall Street Funding Obama Campaign

Obama Backs Part Of Pipeline He Once Rejected

Marine Sergeant Faces Discipline For Facebook Critique Of Obama

Va. Middle-Schoolers Assigned Opposition Research On GOP Candidates

Immigration Records Missing For Week Of Obama’s Birth


Liberal Opposition To Ryan Plan Is Delusional Demagoguery

Media Matters’ Un-American Assault On Limbaugh 

 Robocall Scandal About To Break Wide Open – Extent Of Scandal
Has National Implications – NEW VIDEO!

Democrat-Activist Media

Selling Socialism: The Media’s Campaign For ObamaCare

Brazen Media Backs Up Obama’s Keystone Lies With Dishonest News Stories

Whitewashing Islamic Terror In Toulous—
The Media’s “Right-Wing Extremist” Fallacy Exposed

Even After Killer ID’d As Radical Islamist, NYT Still Blaming
French Prez Sarkozy’s Appeals To ‘Far Right’

Breitbart Is Here — Living Rent-Free In Soledad O’Brien’s Head

 CNN Reporter Uses Word ‘N*gger’ On Live TV [VIDEO]

NBC Keeps Up Drumbeat Of GOP ‘War Against Women’s Health’

‘Obnoxious’: Bill Maher Slams Romney & Limbaugh
 In NY Times Op-Ed On Free Speech & ‘Co-Existence’