Must Know Headlines


HHS Strong Arms Insurers In Nine States

Congratulations: Your Tax Dollars Are Being Used To
Teach Homeless To Break And Enter Empty Properties

New API Ad Campaign Stresses Energy Tax Hikes
Could Increase Pain At The Pump

Fox News Exposes Unfair Media Treatment
Of Afghan Massacre vs Fort Hood Massacre


Team Obama Trying To Capitalize On Trayvon Martin Shooting:
Tweets Out Link To Buy Official Hoodie Sweatshirt

Police: Zimmerman Says Trayvon Decked Him With
One Blow Then Began Hammering His Head

George Zimmerman, Killer Of Trayvon Martin, Was A Democrat

Attention Media: Read This About Trayvon Martin

Panthers Pledge To Recruit 10,000 Men To Hunt Down George Zimmerman

Black Friend Defends Shooter Of Florida Teen 

A Media Show Trial

Trayvon Martin And The Politics Of Racial Guilt   


Oral Argument – Audio

Star Parker: Car Insurance Won’t Cover Your Neighbor’s Tune Up,
So Why Should ‘My Health Insurance Cover Your Sex Life?’

Obamacare Rules Already Costing Insurers Tens of Millions

Here‘s Your Guide to Today’s Supreme Court Arguments Over Obamacare

ObamaCare At The Court: A Guide To The Proceedings

Obamacare In The Supreme Court 101:
Deliberations, Rulings And Impacts

Court Must Protect Public From ObamaCare Invasion

Obamacare ‘Biggest Test’ of Presidential Power Since New Deal

 Barack Obama

Obama Tells Russian President Medvedev He’ll Have
‘More Flexibility’ In Missile Defense Debate After Election

The Empathizer-In-Chief Needs To Do Some Serious Soul-Searching

Obama’s “Wall Street Guy” Has Raised At
Least $500,000 For Reelection Campaign

Democrat-Activist Media

Hollywood Kills Off Tea Partiers and Conservative TV Hosts In
Latest Disgusting Snuff Film “God Bless America”

Karen Finney And MSNBC Slander Conservatives With Martin Killing

Civility Alert: Liberal Comics Mock Cheney Following Heart Transplant Surgery

CBS’s O’Donnell Hits Ryan With White House Talking Points,
Then Cues Up Softballs To Schumer

Spike Lee Does the Wrong Thing: Retweets Zimmerman’s Home Address

Senators, State AGs: Village Voice Media ‘Adult’ Ads Profit From Captive Teens


Scores Of French Muslims Training With Taliban In Pakistan