Must Know Headlines


Chicago: Gunmen Wearing Hoodies Kill 1, Wound 5 In
Bobby Rush’s Illinois Congressional District

Dem Senate Rejects Obama’s Oil Company Crackdown

House Passes Republican Budget, Rejects Obama Plan 414-0

Liberals Can’t Defend Their Corrupt Ideas,
So They Create Phony, Divisive Distractions

Roseanne Barr Tweets Home Address Of George Zimmerman’s Parents

Herman Cain: Where’s DOJ On Black Panther Bounty?

Biden: ‘We Want To Create What’s Called A Global Minimum Tax’

Barack Obama

Friday: Obama Hits 4 Reelection Fundraisers

 Electric Rates Will Soar Now That Obama’s
EPA Crushed Coal-Fired Power Plants

Obama Praises Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz In New Video

Parents of British Students Murdered In Florida Slam Obama
For Lack of Compassion After They Reached Out Multiple Times


Seven Of Obamacare’s Biggest Failures From The Last Two Years

ObamaCare Mandate Won’t Solve Uninsured, Health Costs

Media Largely Ignore ObamaCare’s War On Physician-Owned Hospitals

ABC Totally Skips Any Mention Of Obamacare’s Bad Day In Court


The Trayvon Timeline:
How Local Crime Story Became National Racial Outrage

FL-CIO Exec: ‘Conservative, Right-Wing Policies’ To Blame
For Trayvon Martin’s Death [VIDEO]

Democrats Ignore Real Racism While Exploiting Trayvon For Obama 2012

Trayvon Martin Circus Reveals Race Card Bankruptcy

Obama Admin

Obama Administration Won’t Prosecute Saudi
It Claims Threatened To ‘Blow Up White House

Obama Administration Leaks Information On Israel’s Secret
Military Alliance With Azerbaijan (Video)

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC’s Reckless Zimmerman Video ‘Exclusive’ Reveals Nothing

SCOTUS, Mandates And The Democrat Media Complex

Spike Lee Settles With Couple After Tweet Forces Them From Home

MSNBC Uses “The Hunger Games” To Shill For Obamacare [Video]


Meet The Taliban Transvestites Who Cross-Dressed
In Attempt To Infiltrate US Forces

To Stunned Silence, Israel’s Rep Scolds Jewicidal J Street To ‘Stand By Us’