Must Know Headlines


Alaska Gun Stores Say ATF Engaging In New Illegal Activity

Zimmerman Said ‘Cold’ Not ‘Co*n’;
Most Trusted Name In News Backpedals

Taxmageddon: Massive Tax Increase Coming In 2013

Labor Secretary Praises ‘Role Model’ Socialist

The L.A. Times Should Release The Khalidi Tape For Passover

Defend Rush Limbaugh To Protect Free Speech


Canadian PM Blasts Obama On Keystone:
The U.S. Is An Unreliable Energy Partner

Biden: ‘Our Energy Policy Is The Best It’s Ever Been’

 Solar Trust Bankruptcy Far Exceeds Solyndra Scandal

Treasury Audit: Solyndra Loan ‘Rushed’

Subpoenaed: GOP Wants To Know Why Obama Administration
Misled Americans On Drilling Ban

New EPA Reg Will Make It ‘Nearly Impossible’
To Build A New Coal-Fired Plant In The U.S.

 Obama 2008: If Someone Wants To Build A New Coal-Fired Power Plant
They Can, But It Will Bankrupt Them Because They Will Be Charged….. 

Trayvon Martin

Toledo: 78-Year-Old Man Pummeled By Six Youths Screaming
“This Is For Trayvon” — “Kill That White Man”

NBC: Er…Sorry For Making George Zimmerman Look Like A Racist

Black Caucus Members Offer Resolution To Honor Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman’s Dad: CBC, NAACP, Sharpton Smearing George

 ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Immigrant Whose Deportation Was Blocked By Obama
Administration Alleged To Have Murdered 15-Year-Old Girl

Allegation: ICE Fast-Tracks Amnesty For Illegal Aliens
To Clear Immigration-Court Backlog

Barack Obama

Obama Instructs Media: Remember I’m A Centrist 

In Direct Appeal To Dumbest Americans, Obama Claims The Republican Budget
Will Poison Air, Water, Food — &  Screw Up Accuracy Of Weather Forecasts

Michelle Obama To Appear On Colbert Report

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Goes To The White House

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Says Sharia Law Is The Main Goal  

 Democrat-Activist Media

Press Sits For Mitt; Gives Obama Standing Ovation

AP Apes Obama Talking Points In Luncheon Introduction

Fox News Hires Jesse Jackson’s Daughter

Daily Beast/Newsweek Contributor: Impeach Justices
Who Vote To Overturn ObamaCare!

Media Ignore Court Telling Obama Admin To Back Off Pro-Lifer

NY Times In Dreamland About The Palestinians

Helen Thomas Receives Journalism Award From PLO
For Her Support Of “Palestine In The West”

 Documenting The Media’s Anti-Religion Snobbery

 NBC’s ‘Smash’: Being Republican A ‘Flaw’


Coca-Cola Caves To Left Wing Bullying, Drops From Conservative Group

Occupy Boston Stages Protests Against Public Transit System Fares