16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


A Black Motorcycle Gang Attacks A White Truck Driver: 
No Arrests, No Media

We’re #1! U.S. Gov’t Debt Is Worse Than EU & U.K. Combined

 Unemployed Americans Outnumber The Total Population Of Germany

Mark Levin: This Country Will Not Survive As Free If  We Do Not Defeat Obama

Governor Scott Walker’s Much-Maligned Reforms Are Working

Carney: March Jobs Numbers Better Than Bush Could Do

Barack Obama

Obama’s Legacy: “Fundamentally Islamize Every Aspect
Of  Life” In Egyptian Society

Obama Sacrifices Liberty To All-Powerful Government

Obama Attacks Inequality While Soliciting Big-Money Donors

Clooney Hosting $40,000-Per-Plate Obama Fundraiser At LA Home

Obama Eyes Rebuilding Business – In AFRICA!

Scandal-Plagued Trial Lawyer Jeremy Alters To
Host Presidential Reelection Fundraiser

 Some Get Rich Off  Taxpayers In Obama’s Greenback Energy Program

‘Climate Friendly Strategies,’ ‘Let’s Move!’ Support Now
Among Criteria For Winning Gov’t Contracts


Federal Employees Got Bonuses For Planning Agency’s
Lavish 2010 Event, Investigation Reveals

Shut Down The GSA

Democrat-Activist Media

YouTube Released 100 New Channels In April,
 And There’s Not A Conservative Voice To Be Found

Pulitzer Winner Who Is An ILLEGAL Immigrant & Journalist:
‘Soul Of Heterosexual WHITE Man Is At Stake’ In 2012 Election [VIDEO]

Stewart Slams NBC For EditGate Then Calls Fox News Racist 

MediaTakeout.com Embarrasses Itself  In Attempt
To Paint Michelle Malkin As A Raaaaacist

Media Ignore MSNBC Host Moderating Partisan White House Forum

NYT Columnist Joe Nocera Defends Chevy Volt, Reveals His
Obsession With Car Critics Fox News, Rush

Nikki Haley Slams Media:
“Women Not Just Interested In Contraception”


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