Must Know Headlines


Video: Obama Lays Groundwork For Rosen’s Attack On Ann Romney

Here’s Who Democrat Hitwoman Hilary Rosen Visited At The
White House, Including At Least 5 POTUS Meetings

Shovel Ready In San Fran: $205,075  To ‘Translocate’
One Shrub From Path Of Stimulus Project  

Mark Levin: Zimmerman Affidavit Doesn’t Support
Probable Cause For 2nd Degree Murder

A Guy Who Walks Around With A Bunch Of 
Bodyguards Criticizes Self-Defense Laws

 Rubio: Iran Building Terrorist Network In Latin America  


Why Don’t Democrats Criticize Women On Welfare
For Not Working Outside The Home?

Palestinian Official Calls For Hamas-Fatah Alliance To Destroy Israel –
Hillary Sends Them Money

74 Democrats Join Radical Group To Force Israel Into Concessions 

Maine Democrat: Cheney Should Die Like Saddam 

Obama’s Labor Secretary:
“Government Services” Are The American Dream

Napolitano Perjured Herself  To Congress In Fast & Furious Testimony

Jay Carney Dodges Question On Dem Strategist’s White House
Visits: ‘I Know Three’ Hillary Rosens

Barack Obama

Women Paid Significantly Less In Obama
White House Than Their Male Counterparts

Obama On Rosen: ‘An Ill-Advised Statement
By Someone On Television’

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: If Obama Wants To Sue Me…Bring It On

Debunked: Obama Admin’s Claims That GSA Spending Is Bush Era Problem

Obama Gets Called Out On His Family’s Vacations

Alarms Over Obama Coup Against Constitution Surging

Obama Gets A Pass From States With Priciest Gas

 Democrat-Activist Media

NPR Runs To Obama’s Defense On Economy;
Romney Not Telling ‘Whole Story’

Networks Obsessed With Labeling Romney ‘Mormon’

Rachel Maddow’s Deceit About Michigan GOP Borders On Pathological

Rachel Maddow And Michigan’s Poor Blacks

WaPo’s Capehart : “My Faith In The Justice System Has Been Restored
 With Zimmerman Prosecution” [Video]


Pro-Abortion Students: Vandalizing Pro-Life Display Is Free Speech

Islamists Victimize Alawadi A Second Time