John Stossel To Roger Ailes: ‘I Can’t Stand ABC Anymore, Please Hire Me’


( – John Stossel, the current host of a program for Fox Business Network, says he left ABC News after 28 years because he “couldn’t stand” the network’s growing antipathy toward covering stories coming from a free-market point of view.

The former ABC investigative reporter added that he didn’t feel comfortable working there anymore.

“I had run a show called “Stupid in America” about education choice that did well in ratings. And I had done an hour on health care after Michael Moore released his movie Sicko,” Stossel said of his times at ABC.

“So now it’s five year later and we have Obamacare. Let’s update this. And we have a school choice movement. Let’s update “Stupid in America.”  And my bosses just weren’t interested,” Stossel said.

“It was: ‘You know, we’ll get to it, but Michael Jackson died not long ago and we need to do a story on how he’s — what his sister thinks about that. We need do a story about new trends in dating.’ And I couldn’t get these stories on the air.” READ MORE

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