Must Know Headlines


Sandbagged At The Summit Of The Americas


Americans Making Over $50,000 A Year
Paid 93.3 Percent Of All Taxes In 2010

Chart Of The Week: The Tax Burden On American Households

CAIR Sues Over US-Canada Border Inspections

Bolton: Bin Laden Was Killed While Obama Was President,
Not Because He Was President

Barack Obama

Obama Revives An Old Feminist Myth

Obama In Colombia: ‘Part of My Job Is To Scout Out Where
I May Want to Bring Michelle Back Later For Vacation’

White House Allowed Hilary Rosen Back-Door Lobbying Privileges

Those Who Donated Most Had Most Frequent
Visits To White House, Review Finds

Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal


Report: Democrat-Controlled Senate Laziest In 20 Years

The Democrats’ Biggest Lie

Second-Largest Teachers’ Union Hires Militant Communist And 9/11 Truther

Axelrod Flub:  ‘Fewer And Fewer’ People Doing Well Under Obama Economy

Geithner: If Economy Is Bad, Blame The Rest Of The World

Democrat-Activist Media

Mort Zuckerman Once Again Corrects Eleanor Clift’s Stupidity

NYT: Most Thought Breitbart Did ‘Ill’ For US

Gray Lady Down: The Times Goes All-In To Accuse George Zimmerman Of Racism

ABC: Tea Party Movement Is Stalled – Americans Want Humongous Debt,
Record Spending, More Government Control

Can You Believe HBO Finds This Funny?
Audiences Shocked By Jokes Described As ‘Child Pornography’

SNL Bids Farewell To GOP Presidential Contenders With Green Day Parody

NRA Takes Aim At The Media


Imagine No Income Tax