Must Know Headlines


Romney: ‘I Will Build That Pipeline If I Have To Do It Myself’

Simple, Low, Fair, And Honest: A Tea Party Tax Code

Amendment Could Strip News Media Freedom In
Effort To Curb Corporate Political Spending

Al Breivik And His Inspiration, Al Qaeda

Man Shoves Reporter, Screams “N” Word On Live TV

Islamic Apartheid Conference Under Attack

Obama Admin

Obama Admin Hires Planned Parenthood Spokesman At HHS

Obama Justice Department Now Referring Reporters
To Media Matters For Information On Fast And Furious


Richer Democratic States With Lower Unemployment Got Bulk Of Obama Stimulus

Democrats Spring Student-Loan Trap On GOP

Pay As I Say, Not As I Pay: Warren Refuses To Pay Her Fair Share In Taxes

Pelosi Wants To Regulate Political Speech

Pelosi: ‘This President Has Been So Respectful Of The Republicans In Congress’

Global Warming Fanatic Calls For Burning Down Homes Of Skeptics

Schumer: Citizens United Worse Than Racial Segregation Case Plessy v Ferguson

Barack Obama

White House Accuses Palin, Sessions Of ‘Politicizing’ Secret Service Incident

President Obama’s Enemies List

Michelle’s Schedule Next Week: Taxpayer Funded Campaign Stops

Obama Booed at Boston’s Fenway Park During Anniversary Speech

Boxer: ‘If You’re A Self-Respecting Human Being,’ ‘Vote For Obama’


Van Jones /’s “99% Spring”
Training Video Lies About Voter ID Laws

Occupy Movement Still Dogged By “Jewish Problem”

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC’s Wagner On Catholic Bishops: They Focus On ‘Issues That Don’t Matter,
Like Abortion, Gay Marriage, Contraception Mandate

Soledad O’Brien Mocks West’s Progressive/Commie Claim

DOJ Refers Reporter To Media Matters, Source Claims

Newsweek’s Tina Brown Accuses Breitbart
Of “Bastardizing” Journalism On NPR

Daily Kos Announces: ‘The Fetus Is A Parasite’

Media Matters’ Anti-Christian Agenda Exposed