Must Know Headlines


Medicare Faces Unfunded Liability Of $38.6T,
Or $328,404 For Each U.S. Household

Global Warming Guru Admits He Was Wrong About Climate Change

Allen West: Muslim Brotherhood Influencing Our National Security Strategy

Peace Faltering As Egypt Cuts Gas To Israel


Twitter Suspends Account Of Group That Created Viral
‘If I Wanted America To Fail’ Video During Earth Day,
Reinstates At Midnight Without Explanation

Twitter Lynch Mob: George Zimmerman Is Out On Bail? Let’s Kill Him!

Barack Obama

Obama Tweets: Meet Me And Clooney, Make Your Life Complete

Obama Admin: The War On Terror Is ‘Over’

Obama Announces New “Atrocities Prevention Board” Before Speech At Holocaust
Museum, Taps Woman Who Called For Military Invasion Of Israel To Lead It

White House Defends $8 Billion Wasted On Medicare Bonuses

WH Tries To Squelch Prostitution Scandal Probe Talk

Obama’s Labor Board

ACORN, Unions ‘Impressed’ With Obama’s Labor Board, Documents Show

AFP To Congress: Halt NLRB’s “Ambush” On American Jobs

Democrat-Activist Media

Our National Media Don’t Deserve Their ‘Mainstream’ Title

Politico Co-Founder: Most Journalists I’ve Known Are Democrats

Chris Matthews Calls Republican Party “The Grand Wizard Crowd”

NY Times Pledges ‘Unbiased Political Reporting’

Media Protect Elizabeth Warren In Senate Race

Bashir: If You Agree With Palin, You Should See My Psychiatrist

Beckel Praises Environmentalist Rachel Carson;
Leaves Out Millions Of Deaths Her Activism Caused

ABC Reporter Mocks Global Warming ‘Denialists’

ALEC-Bashing NPR Reporter Fails To Disclose Ties To Lead Anti-ALEC Group

NBC Admits It Should Have Corrected Falsely Edited Zimmerman 911 Call 


Abby Johnson: Counselor For My Abortion Had 9 Abortions