Must Know Headlines


Senate Democrats “Celebrate” Three Years Without A Budget

$38,976,000 Can’t Buy A Budget From Senate Dems

Obama EPA ‘Crucify’ Official Received $540K In Taxpayer Research Grants

The Movement: The Left’s War On The First Amendment

Clinton Asked To Give Forced Abortion Opponent
Chen Guangcheng Diplomatic Protection

TSA To My Mother-In-Law: ‘There’s An Anomaly In The Crotch Area’

Green Energy Girds For Dark Times As Subsidies Expire

Barack Obama

Triple Play! Obama Blows Off Congress, Funds Palestinians,
Lies About PA Stance On Israel

Liar-In- Chief Obama: HHS Mandate Prevents
“Government Meddling” In Health Care

Obama Overrides Congress In Order To Send $192 Billion To……….
Palestinian Authority

Team Obama’ Names & Shames Eight PRIVATE CITIZENS
For Donating To Romney Campaign

White House Walks Back NYPD Support

‘Civilization Jihad’ And Obama’s Connections: Video Series Exposes
Ongoing Plan To Overthrow America From Within

Sarah Palin Was A Prophet About Obama’s Education Takeover

Obama Pokes Fun At Most Scandals, Skips Fast And Furious

Obama Lectures Troops On Community Investment

Democrat-Activist Media

Surprise! Obama Prefers Liberal Newspapers

Jimmy Kimmel Slams Marcus Bachmann With Gay Jokes
At White House Correspondents’  Dinner

Largest Donor To Obama Super PAC  Bill Maher: Barack Obama
Is First Black President Of “The Racist States Of America” (Video)

Bashir: Please ‘Hang On Every Word That We Say
And Not What Others Say About Us’

Bozell: ‘Lying’ Chris Matthews Is Resolved That There’s ‘No Slur’
That’s ‘Off  the Table’ To Employ Against Conservatives

Charlie Cook: Obama A “Metrosexual” President

What NY Times And Wash. Post Kept Secret From Readers In April


Islamic Center Of America, Dearborn: Pro-Honor Killing Imam
Incites Against Pamela Geller At Friday Prayer