Must Know Headlines


Obama To Officially Launch 2012 Campaign On Karl Marx’s Birthday

‘Forward For Communism!’:
Obama‘s New ’Forward’ Slogan Is Not A Coincidence

Obama Woos ‘Julia,’ Other Single Women With Promise Of Lifelong Subsidies

Obama Promises Women A Lifetime Of Dependence

Obama Administration Urges Freer Access To Cell Phone Records

Another DOE-Backed Solar Firm Close To Collapse

‘Preferential Treatment’: GM Scores ‘Sweetheart’ Tax Deal

White US Marine, Iraqi Veteran Beaten To Death By “Black Mob”

Obama Hosts Cinco De Mayo Party At White House — “Even Though It’s Only
Tres De Mayo, We Just Like To Get The Fiesta Started Early Around Here”

The Supreme Court Again Upholds Your Right To Be Framed

Democrat Party

Elizabeth Warren’s Depiction Of Native Americans
Demonstrates Liberal Bigotry

Obama’s Dangerous Approach To Missile Defense

¡Pander-isimo! Obama’s Cinco De Mayo
Speech Laden With Divisive Identity Politics

Scenes From NYC May Day Occupy Rally

An Occupy Camp Is A Great Incubator For Domestic Terrorism

Eric Holder Has Got To Go

Ten Reasons To Impeach Eric Holder

Issa Lays Out The Case For Holder Contempt Citation

Chinese Dissident & Barry

Under Obama, U.S. Is No Beacon To Chinese Dissidents

Human Rights Activists: Obama Must Stand With Chen Gaungcheng

Chen Guangcheng Begs Obama Admin to Help Him Escape China

Democrat-Activist Media

Intrepid Journalist Wolf Blitzer, On Obama Campaigning On
The Public Dime: “I’m Sure They’re Going By The Rules”

Misleading Zimmerman Edits Prompt 3rd NBC Firing
– But, Still No On-Air Apology

‘The Perfect Family’ Mocks Devout Catholics As Unthinking Bigots

Disgraced Democrat John Edwards,
Still Man Without A Party In New York Times

Occupy-Loving Washington Post Pushes Furnishings For The 1 Percent

‘Unfit’ Murdoch Tops NYT Page One; Conviction of
Terror Suspect in Subway  Bombing Plot, Page A-19

NYT’s SCOTUS Reporter Greenhouse Quotes Robert Frost
To Shame Justices On AZ Immigration Law

Joy Behar: Republicans Would Have Held A Ticker-Tape Parade
If Bush Had Killed Bin Laden 


Detroit School: Hearing Impaired Student
Physically ‘Forced’ To Participate In Walkout