TransCanada Reapplies For Presidential Permit, Mitt Romney Said I Will Build That (Keystone) Pipeline If I Have To Myself


Mitt Romney: I will build that (Keystone) pipeline if I have to myself!  Obama says, maybe, if I’m reelected.

Chicago Tribune: 

TransCanada announced Friday it has submitted a new presidential permit application for the northern section of the Keystone XL pipeline.

TransCanada already started on southern part because they didn’t need Obama’s permission.

The Keystone XL pipeline would carry crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast. The project needs a presidential permit because it crosses an international border. President Barack Obama denied that permit in January at the Nebraska governor’s request, mainly because of concerns with the pipeline’s route through Ogallala Aquifer in the Nebraska Sandhills.

The president pointed to a deadline for that decision, which was imposed by House Republicans. In his decision, he said the deadline didn’t allow enough time to evaluate the decision, forcing his hand. Meanwhile, critics have argued the permit had already been on file long enough for a full evaluation.

TransCanada split the pipeline project shortly after that decision, and the pipeline company decided to move forward with the construction of the southern leg of the line from Cushing to Texas refineries, which doesn’t need a presidential permit.READ MORE

If Obama would have given his approval the first time, thousands of people would be working who are not. And the companies that the oil company subcontract to would be making money. Lucky for US, TransCanada moved forward where they could……and when it’s all said and done, Barack Obama will be credited for it by the liberal media. It’s an ObamaNation.

 The Canadian company seeking to build the massive Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL pipeline through the U.S. reapplied for a permit on Friday, pushing the politically sensitive issue back onto President Obama’s plate six months before the election.

Obama doesn’t want to create jobs and lower gas prices as evidenced by the rejection of the Keystone Pipeline.

TransCanada announced it has asked for permits to build the pipeline into Nebraska, and will eventually submit a new route skirting environmentally sensitive lands in Nebraska — the sticking point that caused the Obama administration to reject its previous application.

In a statement, TransCanada President Russ Girling made it clear he was appealing to Mr. Obama’s own stated goals of boosting American energy supplies. He also said the thousands of pages of environmental reviews already completed for the earlier application should convince the president to speed this new permit along.

“The multibillion-dollar Keystone XL pipeline project will reduce the United States’ dependence on foreign oil and support job growth by putting thousands of Americans to work,” Mr. Girling said. READ MORE

Yes, it will and Mitt Romney will allow the Keystone Pipeline.

Yes, it will and Mitt Romney will, no doubt, allow the Keystone Pipeline.