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Austerity Debate Will Give Voters A Clear Choice

Radical Open Border DOJ Attorneys Behind Arpaio Suit

Romney Classmate’s Family: Media Story ‘Factually Incorrect’

Dear Washington Post, Romney Also
Helped Save A 14-Year-Old Girl In 1996

Michigan Mayor Calls Pro-Lifers “Forces Of Darkness”

More Wasteful Spending On Solar Energy In Nevada

Barack Obama

‘Spending Addiction’: Obama Burdens America’s Children

50 Year-Old Bully Barack Obama Targets Private Citizen

Obama’s Top 10 Misguided Energy Policies

Obama Pushes Billion-Dollar Stimulus Plan

Obama’s Former Doctor Slams Obamacare

Obama: The Most-Racial President


Biden In 2007: Coal More Likely To Kill An American Than Terrorism

Dem Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Fund Pro-Abortion
Group To “Honor” Mother’s Day

Union Guru’s Shock Charge to College Class:
You Must All Vow to Be Arrested This Year

Dems Choose ’60s Radical’s Daughter For Race Bait Training

Democrat-Activist Media

Against The Family’s Wishes, WaPo
Continues To Exploit Romney ‘Victim’

Watch Tamron Hall Go Nuts: MSNBC Anchor Cuts Off
Contributor’s Mic Over Romney Defense

MSNBC’s Sharpton: GOP Declared
‘War On Black People’; Time To ‘Fire Back’

Report: Lovitz Put Career In Jeopardy By Critiquing Obama

Piers Morgan: George Clooney Could Be
‘A Serious Candidate for President’ Some Day

Hollywood: Driving The Homosexual Agenda For 40 Years

Desperate Media Are Pandering To Desperate Obama

Déjà Vu: ABC’s Robin Roberts Admits She Got
“Chills Again” When Interviewing Obama [VIDEO]