Must Know Headlines


Chart Of The Week: Taxes Soaring Past Highest Level Ever

Teachers’ Union Prez Was Caught Having Sex In School Woodshop

NEWLY DISCOVERED VIDEO Previously Scrubbed From
YouTube Shows Trayvon Martin Participating In Local Fight Club

Taxpayer Funded Planned Parenthood Celebrates ‘Happy Masturbation Month’

No Civilized Country Would Ever Banish Eduardo Saverin

NC Teacher Captured On Video Suggesting Student
Could Be Arrested For Obama Criticism

Obama & Democrat Backed Occupiers

NATO Protest Recap: Black Bloc Chants For ‘Dead Cops’
…Bottles of Urine And Feces…CNN Criticizes Cops

Chicago Occupier Arrested For Threatening To Blow Up A Bridge,
Second Arrested For Possession of Explosives

Michael Moore Spreads Hysterical, Anti-Police
Fable From His Occupy Comrades

3 #Occupy Activists Hit With Terrorism Charges At NATO Protests

‘Nonviolence’ Explodes In Chicago

Barack Obama

Obama: Slaughter Of Christians A Misunderstanding

Obama Officials Pressured Contractors To
Change Job Loss Figures, Recordings Reveal

Like Warren Obama Claims, But Can’t Prove, Cherokee Roots

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Says Obama Evolved, Not Flip-Flopped,
On Major Issues Through The Years

INSANITY: Krugman Falsely Claims Romney
Wants To Enact Greece’s Failed Economic Policies  Here

NY Times Ignored Obama’s Wright, Focuses On Romney’s Mormon Faith

Washington Post: Remember That Mormon Massacre?

Liberal New York Times Columnist Bombs On Jeopardy!


Egypt’s Radical Muslim Brotherhood Poised To Take Presidency

Marion Barry Has Change Of Heart After Being Saved By Filipino Hospital Staff