Obama Goes Golfing For 98th Time As President, Michelle Off To A Beyonce Concert On Taxpayer Funded Jet


This morning when I saw Michelle Obama was jetting to a Beyonce concert on a taxpayer funded jet, I thought: I hope Pres. Obama goes golfing today. And sure enough, there he is. This is the 98th time President Obama has golfed in less than 4 years as president. Remember the hell the media and democrats gave Bush for golfing. Bush golfed 24 times in 8 years, and quit the sport while president.


by Keith Koffler on May 26, 2012, 2:00 pm

There was no question he was going golfing this weekend. The only unknown is whether he’ll golf again tomorrow.

He’s at his usual place, the Andrews Air Force Base course with one of his usual companions, White House trip director Marvin Nicholson. Also along are Marvin’s brother Walter and Pete Selfridge of the White House advance office.

This is the 98th time Obama has been golfing as president and the sixth time this year


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  • You know people need to just shut up everything the President and his family you bi.. as if they are stealing and not entitle to, when Bush was doing all this stuff you never whine, get a life, all you hear come out your ugly mouths , they spending out money, the President and First lady their Taxe’s if not more. If the President Children go Places the MEDIA Splash their Pictures all over NEW. We have been putting up with this BS, 4 years, all this Racism, and Hatred, all because you can’t Deal with a Brilliant and Intelligent Black President who got things done all former President couldn’t get done. You need to stop showing Stupidity and Ignorant. President Obama and First Lady have Money also, it just the Ideal, they are Rich, you people are Jealous, Envy and down right Evil and Hateful, call yourself Christians doing Satans Works, very sad. GOD HAVE WARN YOU PEOPLE TO KEEP YOUR HANDS AND MOUTH OF HIS ANOINTED ONE, PRESIDENT OBAMA IS ANOINTED BY GOD NOT BY MAN. WHY DO YOU THINK ALL THESE TORNADOS AND STORMS, GOD HAVE GOTTEN TIRE OF ALL THIS EVIL. EVERY TIME YOU PEOPLE ATTACK THE PRESIDENT JUST WATCH, SOMETIME THE INNOCENT PAY THE PRICE FOR THE EVIL.

  • Typical Obama supporter clinging to her ignorance and partisan ways. Sounds like she would vote the US into full-fledged Communism as long as the Dictator had a (D) by his, her or its name.

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