Mother Of Keith Scott Claims Book He Was Reading
When He Was Shot By Police Was The Koran

Must Know Headlines


Democrats, Media In Denial Over Obama’s Socialist Beliefs

Sen. Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney

Post-Election Union Protest In Milwaukee Turns Violent

Watch: Highlights Of Fast And Furious Questions To Holder

  Wisconsin: President of Government Employee Union Slams “Tea Baggers”
As “Haters Who Tell Lies. Want White Man Rule. White Man Only”

Citizens United Becomes The Left’s All-Purpose Excuse

Terrorist Supporters

Brooklyn Resident Pleads Guilty To Supporting Al-Qaida

Va. Man Charged With Smuggling Cash To Hizballah

A Lawsuit Only Jihadists Could Love

Barack Obama

Food Stamp Spending Up 100 Percent Since Obama Took Office

Evidence Showing Obama’s Connection To ‘New Party’ Released

Chris Rock: ‘We Ignore The President’s Whiteness, But It’s There’

LOL: Celebrity Endorsements Are All Obama Has Left

Obama Has Private Meeting With Young Stars At Beverly Hilton

Send In The Drones: Obama Spies On America

When Will The President Reveal A Secret Deal With The Russians?

It Must Be New Math… Obama Can’t Do 4th Grade Level Math Either

More Colossal Obama Failure:
Still More Assaults On Women In Tahrir Square


Democrats And The Mafia

Special Report: George Soros: Godfather Of The Left

Exclusive: Axelrod Plays Dumb on Obama And Socialist ‘New Party’

 Obama Faith Council Member Attacks Bishops Over HHS Mandate

Netroots Nation: ‘Racism’ In Skepticism Of
Warren’s Native American Claims

Messina: We Got Beat By Mean Rich People

Democrat-Activist Media

NPR’s Shameless Plug for Michelle Obama’s ‘Workout Mix’

Media Degrades FLOTUS With ‘Blow Job’ Meme

Media Fabricate Pro-‘Gay’ Move For Boy Scouts

MSNBC Panel Pans NY Times Story On Romney’s California Home

Assange, Hackers: Facebook, Google As Dangerous As Nukes;
Governments Using Them Like Weapons

Even The Queen Couldn’t Save CNN On Tuesday Night

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