ICE Director: U.S. Immigration Law Requires Removal Of Illegal Aliens, Deporting Non-Criminals ‘Quite Rare’


Meanwhile, Eric Holder and Barack Obama are suing states who attempt to control ILLEGAL immigration in their states and that are trying to clean up their voter rolls.

( – In an interview with National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition” on Saturday, John Morton, director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told host Scott Simon that U.S. immigration laws require the removal of aliens who are in the country illegally, but that those without criminal records are “not our priority.”

In the June 9 interview, Simon asked Morton about charges by some critics of his agency that illegal aliens were being rounded up for minor infractions like a broken taillight and being deported.

“Now, we spoke with Mary Meg McCarthy, who’s executive director of Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center in Chicago, and she says that they often see cases of illegal immigrants who have no criminal record being deported or people who were just stopped for minor infractions like a broken taillight,” Simon said.

 Illegal immigrants who have no criminal record?

“Sometime it’s something as simple as a broken taillight, right? They may be stopped for and the next thing you know, they’re facing deportation from the United States after living here for years,” McCarthy said.

“You wouldn’t dispute that, necessarily,” Simon said.

“The immigration laws of the United States provide that people can be removed simply for being here unlawfully. And obviously, our job is to enforce the law. And while we do remove people without criminal convictions, the scenario that she lays out of people who’ve been here for a very long period of time and have no criminal record and are removed from the United States is, in fact, quite rare,” Morton replied.

“Those people are not our priority, and we don’t seek to remove them in large numbers,” Morton said. READ MORE

Exactly! That is the problem. It must be ILLEGAL to be in the US ILLEGALLY.

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