Must Know Headlines


President Obama Announced Friday A De Facto Amnesty 
For A Large Class Of Illegal Immigrants

Obama Amnesty Plan: Catch, Release, Vote

ID Required At Obama Speech But Not To Vote

Florida ‘Purge’ Update: 96 Illegal Voters Found, And Counting

Barack Obama

Taxpayers Foot Bill For Obama Celebrity Fundraisers 

Obama Laments The “People Hurting Out There” To Ultra-Elitist
Limousine Libs At Sarah Jessica Parker’s $40,000 Per Person Fundraiser

Obama Energy Dept. Awards $2 Million Grant To
Solar Company Linked With Van Jones

Obama Treats Military Vets To Lunch…
Then Leaves Without Paying The Bill

Obama Tells Ohioans He Champions The Middle Class

Steven Spielberg Behind Obama’s Failed Bain Capital Attack

Obama’s Autoworker Handout

Obama Blames GOP For Recession, Slow Recovery


 Another Top Dem Was Member Of Socialist Party

Socialists Force Bank Of America To Fund ‘Green Economy’

Feds Engage In Same Deceptive Lending Practices
They Accuse Private Firms Of Practicing

Lobbying Pays Off In Latest Batch Of Energy Department Handouts

Democrat-Activist Media

Sheldon Adelson And The Top 5 Super PAC Facts The Media Covers Up

Bush’s Severed Head Appearing In ‘Game Of
Thrones’ Not A ‘Political Statement’ Say Creators

Cable Nets Dump Laughable “Major” Speech

Networks Barely Discuss ‘Hidden’ Jobless, That Even WaPo, CNN Notice

Chris Matthews Coaches MA Senate Candidate
Warren (D) To Defeat Brown [VIDEO]

Breaking News? CNN Listens To Sandra Fluke
Explain Why She’s Voting For Obama