Largest Case Of Welfare Fraud In State’s History


But shhhhhh don’t let welfare recipients hear because they will drone on and on and on about how they never abuse the system. Yep, they just get rice, beans, cheap chicken, milk, fruits and vegetables. Please, they are all buying expensive steaks, candy, meaty party subs, cookies and all the other crap Michelle O tells us not to eat.


The Brown County Police Department has discovered rampant welfare abuse at a Green Bay liquor store. WGBA reports:

New information was released Thursday on what’s being called the largest case of welfare fraud in state history. It centers around Beach Road Liquor, a store on the northeast side of Green Bay, accused of misusing QUEST food share cards.

The investigation into the store first began in April. The owners of the store, Gurnek and Gurdeep Basanti, are at the center of the case. They’re accused of misusing the cards, allowing hundreds of people to buy alcohol and tobacco and obtain cash using welfare money. SEE VIDEO HERE

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