Must Know Headlines


GAO: $1 Billion In Tax Credits Went To Cheats

Muslims Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Stone Christians In Dearborn, Michigan (Video)

State Department Refuses To Explain Why Member
Of Jihad Terror Group Visited White House

Gay Rights Icon Arrested On Child Porn Charges

The Evils Of  The Muslim Brotherhood: The Evidence Keeps Mounting

Issa’s Right: Tougher Gun Laws Fast And Furious Goal

Law Allowing Border Patrol To Do Their Job Moves Through House

Idaho GOP: End The Fed, Bring Back Gold

Barack Obama

Obama Schedule: Private Lunch With Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed
Bin Zayed, Only One Reelection Fundraiser Today & A Picnic

Obama Raises $3.1 Million In Boston, Sticks City With Security Bill

Top Obama Aide Tom Donilon Receives Taxpayer Salary Plus Six-Figure
Pension From Bailout Recipient Fannie Mae, Records show

Obama Amnesty Adds Illegals To Voter Rolls

Obama Promotes Planned Parenthood In Speech To Students

What Obama Says About Being Outspent Is Not True


Chicago Homicides Rise An Astonishing 38% In One Year

Steny Hoyer: Brian Terry Didn’t Die Because Of Fast & Furious,
He Died Because Of Violent Criminal Behavior

Obama Regime Refuses To Enforce The Border And
Tells The State Of Arizona To Go To Hell

Holder Withholding Documents From Congress On
CAIR-Linked Holy Land Foundation Terror Funding Case

Disability Act Regulates Mini Golf Courses, Gyms, Saunas;
Requires Businesses To Admit Mini Horses As Guide Animals

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Desperation: TIME Complains Romney Too Focused On Economy

Left-Wing Author Fawns Over OCCUPY “Movement’s” Feckless Self-Absorption

Ed Schultz Falsely Claims Obama Didn’t Help Kill Immigration Reform in 2007

Chris Matthews Trashes Conservative Justices

After More Tweets Are Exposed Suspended Politico Reporter Deletes Account