16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Get Ready For More Charges Of Racism From Left

Justice Thomas Dissents, Left Hurls Vile Racial Slurs ‘House Nigga,’ ‘Uncle Tom’

NYPD Probes “Allah” Graffiti At World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial

Barack Obama

Another Stimulus Backed ‘Green Energy’ Company Goes Bankrupt

Flashback Videos: Obama’s False Tax Promises

More Obama Hypocrisy: He Won’t Raise
Taxes On The Middle Class, Except He Did

The Tragic Illusion Of Obama’s Fine Mind

Obama Admin. Gives China Sanctions Pass

Gun Running & Eric Holder

Congressional Black Caucus Walks Out On Contempt Vote

‘Shame On You’: Democrats Blame ‘Evil’ Republicans
& The NRA For Fast And Furious Fallout

Holder In Criminal Contempt Of Congress; 17 Dems Support

One Hundred Democrats Walk Out On Holder Contempt Vote

Rep. Trey Gowdy On Why Congress Should
Hold Eric Holder In Fast & Furious Contempt

Clinton-Appointed Federal Judge Deals Blow To Obama/Holder DOJ


Obamacare Becomes Obamatax

Sen. Paul To Newsmax: Obamacare Remains Unconstitutional,
Despite SCOTUS Ruling

It’s Now Up To Voters To Throw Out The ObamaCare Mess

Michele Bachmann: It Only Takes 50 Plus One Senators To Repeal Obamacare (Video)

The Heritage Foundation Responds To Ruling: Full Repeal Of This Law

Chief Justice Roberts: It’s Not A Tax, It Is A Tax; It’s Law,
But It’s Not ‘Unlawful’ To Break It

Rubio: ‘For Obama, A Victory Is A Middle Class Tax Increase’

Americans For Prosperity Responds To SCOTUS Ruling
On President’s Health Care  Law

It Now Falls To Congress

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC Shocked By ‘The Ignorance’ Of The American People On Obama Care

ABC News Spins For Obama: ‘Almost Impossible’ For Romney To Repeal

Media Gush Over Chief Justice ‘On The Side Of
Hstory’ With ‘Clever Lawyering’

Matthews: SCOTUS Decision On Health Care Is
The “Whole Ballgame” For Obama

Maddow Lapses Into Amnesia About Proposed Brown-Warren Debate

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