Must Know Headlines


DEMOCRATS LIED: They Told Us Obamacare Was Not A Tax…
Then Argued In Court That It Was A Tax…
Now They’re Saying It’s Not A Tax Again

Maxine Waters: ‘I Have Not Decided’ Whether To
Call Obamacare Mandate ‘A Tax’ [AUDIO]

Rep. Nancy Pelosi Claims The ‘Harshness’ Of Politics Is Keeping Women Out

GDP Plunges To 1.9%

Pentagon Submits To Hamas-CAIR, Removes
Of Female Jihadist From Target Range

Chart Of The Week: Household Income Soars In Energy-Producing States

It’s An Obama Nation: Homeland Security Instructs Armed Border
Patrol Agents To ‘Run Away’ And ‘Hide’ From Gunmen

Barack Obama

Obama Fundraising On His Flight Back From
Colorado Springs Wildfire Sightseeing Trip

Obama LIES: Plays The Poor Man In Campaign Fundraising Pitches

George Clooney To Host Another Obama Fundraiser — This Time in Switzerland

White House Payroll Shoots Up 14% Under Obama

Despite Unemployment Numbers, Young Voters Standing By Obama

The Obamas Encouraging Students To Get Out Of
The Private Sector And Work For Government

Obama ‘Lying’ About ‘Free’ Health Services

Fast & Furious

Issa,  Grassley Release Details About Fast And Furious
Whistleblower Retaliation, Cover-Up

Anti-Second Amendment Brady Campaign Defends Eric Holder

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN’s Candy Crowley Doesn’t Think It Matters
ObamaCare Mandate Is A Tax Or A Penalty

Media Welcome OTaxaCare With Open Arms

Schultz: Romney ‘Off His Rocker’

AP Report On Student Loans Exaggerates Potential Scope Of Just-Averted Rate Hike