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 Too Many Broken Promises In Obamacare

ATF Supervisor On Fast And Furious Whistleblowers: Take Them Down

Go Hoosiers! Indiana Sends Congress The Bill For The Cost Of Illegal Aliens

Black Mobs Now Beating Jews In New York

 Islamists Storm Church – Murder 15 Worshippers
With Gunfire And Grenades

Hippie Taught Rule Of Law At Occupy “National Gathering” [Video]

Syria: Effective American Leadership Needed

Barack Obama

Obama Takes The Week Off

Obama Held Nearly Three Dozen Fundraisers In June

Obama Has Golfed 101 Times As President

Robert Spencer: Obama Enables America’s Enemies

Obama Campaign Fundraising Off Heat Wave

Michelle Obama: There is ‘No Place Better’
Than Church to Talk About Political Issues


6 Big Ideas For Obamacare Repeal And Replace

Justice Roberts Should Have Left The Politics To The Politicians

Conservatives In Congress Unite Against Exchanges

Obama Team: Obamacare Still Not A Tax

 Michael Moore: No Stopping The ‘Huge Locomotive’
To Universal Health Care Now

Report: Roberts Originally Voted To Strike Down Obamacare

Ryan: Roberts ‘Contorted Logic And Reason’ For ObamaCare Ruling


WH Chief Of Staff Asked About Obama Invoking Executive Privilege
On Fast And Furious: We’re The “Most Transparent” Administration Ever

Pelosi: Mandate Is A Tax Penalty But Not A Tax

Charles Schumer Warns Republicans: Pushing For Obamacare
Repeal Will Cost You The Election

Democrat Congresswoman Votes Against Jobs Bill
She Co-Sponsored To Placate Green Lobby

‘Crucifying’ Ex-EPA Regulator Joins Sierra Club

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC’s Pete Williams: Democrat ‘More Likely To Appoint’ ‘
Less Ideological’ Judge – ‘Somebody Near The Middle’

The Media’s New Favorite Supreme Court

NBC Meteorologist On Extreme Heat Wave:
‘If We Did Not Have Global Warming We Wouldn’t See This’

The Constitution Burns While ABC Fiddles

CNN Promotes Stripper’s Claim Catholic Church
‘Dirtier Than What Goes On In Strip Clubs’

USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Mocks
Ann Romney’s MS Therapeutic Riding ‘Habit’

PBS Defends Use Of Convicted Felon As Expert On Documentary


Melinda Gates Summit Will Help Abortion, Population Control Groups