Must Know Headlines


Infographic: The Farm Bill is A Welfare Bill In Disguise!

Farah: ‘Spy Drone’ Buzzed By My Home
‘They Will Be At War, We Will Be Hunted Down’

Planned Parenthood To Sponsor Nation’s Largest Black Music Festival
While Aborting Generations Of Black People Out Of Existence


 Obama’s Most Devout Supporters: Hispanic Unemployment
Stuck At 11.0 Percent
And Black Unemployment Rises

Out Of College, Out Of Work: Number Of College
Grads With Jobs Dropped 406,000 In June

More People Went On Disability Than Got Jobs In June

Another Dismal Jobs Report

Obama: June Jobs Report Is ‘A Step In The Right Direction’ 

Forward Into Communism


Unemployment Statistics During The Great Depression

Barack Obama

White House Has Warned ‘Not To Read Too
Much Into’ Jobs Reports For 30 Months

Obama In 2004 Dismisses Job Creation Of 310,000 New Jobs

Obama Administration To Sell Foreclosed Homes To ‘Vulture Capitalists’

In Ohio, President Distorts Truth Behind His First Election

Obama Then: It’s Inappropriate To Use Presidential Seal
While Campaigning…Obama Now: I Take It Back

Transparency Ends At The White House Door


Obamacare Implementation: 13,000 Pages Of Regs,
Hundreds Of New Bureaucrats

The Tax Man Cometh To Police You On Health Care

Pro- Life

Obama Administration Considers Pro-Lifers Terror Suspects

Abortion Backers Assault Two Pro-Lifers In Violent Attacks

Leftisits Hurl Vile Slurs/Death Threats At
Brad Pitt’s Pro-Romney, Pro-Life, Christian Mom


Now Left Blames GOP ‘Treason’ For Bad Economy

Interior Dept. IG To be Investigated in Alleged
White House Drilling Moratorium Cover-Up

Democrat-Activist Media

Obama Spokesman: Obamacare Is Unconstitutional, MSM Ignores

Lib Media To America: Face It, We’re Going To
Carry Water For Obama No Matter How Bad He Is

NYT’s Liptak Sees Furious, ‘Bitter,’ Angry Conservatives After ObamaCare

 Time Stuffs Magazine With 15 Pages Of Pro-Roberts Coverage;
Holder Contempt Vote Gets Two Paragraphs


Occupy Oakland’s “F*ck The Fourth-Police” Frenzy: “Kill Cops”
Vandalism At OPD HQ & Burning U.S. Flags [Photos & Video]