Must Know Headlines


Allen West: True Racism Lies Among White Liberals Who Think
Black Conservatives Need Approval From Their ‘Masters’

The So-Called Recovery In One Chart

UN Pushes Carbon Tax For ‘Global Development’


 The ‘New Gestapo’? Maine Gov. Blasts Massive Expansion Of IRS Agents

Report: IRS To Hire Thousands More Agents
To Enforce New Healthcare ‘Non-Taxes’

Not A Tax: IRS To Hire Thousands Of New Agents To Enforce ObamaCare

IRS Policing Of Obamacare Will Hit Taxpayers Hard by 2015

IPAB: The Part Of Obamacare That Can’t Be Repealed

Barack Obama

Obama Gambles, America Loses

President Obama: Turn Off Fox News

Obama’s Plan For World Without Nuclear Weapons—Ours

Must Watch: How Obama Stole His First Election

Obama Calls For Rebuilding US Economy …(After His Policies Destroyed It)

More People Going On Disability Than Getting Jobs Under Obama

Liar Obama Suggests He Was Outspent In 2008

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Refuses To Make Obama Pay Price For Lies

CNN’s Mark Whitaker: “People Around The World Really
Appreciate What We Stand For, And What We Do”

AP Story On California High-Speed Rail Legislation’s
Passage Dodges State’s Serious Deficit

Mark Shields: Republicans Haven’t Raised Taxes
In 21 Years ‘And That Is Irresponsible’


Feds’ Journalist To Control Media: Stunning Salary, Benefits For
Workers Taught To ‘Deal With Aggressive Reporters’

 Second Obama Cabinet Official Faces Contempt Of Congress Charge

The High-Speed Nonsense Of Ray Lahood

Feds: Airlines Must Let Passengers Fly With Pigs For ‘Emotional Support’


Wayne Brady: Bill Maher Likes His Black
Men Violent And His Black Women Prostitutes