16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Report: Gov’t Overpaid $14B in Unemployment Benefits

Lobbyists Hold ‘White Trash Reception’ On Capitol Hill

6 US Soldiers Killed In Roadside Bomb In Afghanistan

White House: Don’t “Read Too Much” Into Unemployment Numbers

10 Reasons Why Jobs Market Even Worse
Than Weak June Employment Report

Mexican Army Finds Clandestine Smuggling
Tunnel Under Arizona Border

George Zimmerman Lynching Further Unravels:
The Files Recently Released By His Defense Strongly Suggest Innocence


Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick (D) Vetoes Ban On Purchasing
Tattoos, Manicures, Porn With EBT

Man Who Introduced Obama At Rally Owes
His Former Employer $500,000

DNC Chair ‘Pretty Happy’ With The Economic Recovery

Holder DOJ Hires Leftist Firm Catalist In Voter ID Case

Mass. Dem Arrested On Domestic Kidnapping, Assault Charges

Barack Obama

 Obama Invites Muslim Brotherhood Leader To White House

Obama Outsources Financial Insinuations About Romney

Obama: 30 Months Of Excusing Bad Jobs Numbers

Report: Obama Has More Cash On Hand Than Romney

Obama Criticizes Romney For Supporting Structured
Auto Bankruptcy that Administration Adopted

Democrat-Activist Media

On MSNBC, Sub Host Dyson Defends Chris Rock Mockery Of July 4th

NBC Includes Hit Piece On Romney’s
Wealth At End Of Campaign Report

ABC’s Terry Moran Caught Laughing As
Obama Surrogate Trashes Mitt Romney


Taliban Executes Another Woman In Public For Adultery

Libya’s Sharia Mandate

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