Must Know Headlines


Aurora & Fort Hood: A Tale Of Two Massacres—
What The Two Slaughters Reveal About The Leftist Mind

 Obama Administration Approves Controversial Export License
Allowing Sensitive Space Technology Transfer To China

Mexican President: U.S. Gun Laws Are “Mistaken”

@MicheleBachmann Responds To Attacks After Her Call
To Investigate Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration Of US Gov’t

IRS, Labor Department Audit Businessman On Obama’s Enemies List

Allen West: ‘This Is Going To Be A Dogfight For Your Country’

#Occupy Seattle Goons Harass Pedestrians – Elderly Bystanders –
Bank Customers At Latest Clown Rally (Video)

Keith Ellison (D)

Only Problem With Ellison’s (D) Wounded-Martyr Stance Toward
Bachmann’s Accusations Is That What She Said Is True

Rep. Keith Ellison Rewrites History On
His Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR Ties

Labor Unions

 Striking SEIU Workers Intentionally Endangered
CT Nursing Home Patients, Says Company

Big Labor’s Top Ten Special Privileges

SEIU Goons Stormed Dunkin Donuts To Protest Mitt Romney

Big Labor’s Massive Political Machine

 How Can I Resign My Union Membership?

Barack Obama

Obama Counts On Virginia’s Black Voters

Obama Supported Work Requirements
Before He Was Against Them (VIDEO)

Obama Hits 2 Reelection Fundraisers Today

Hugo Chavez: Romney Represents “Extreme Right-Wing
Agenda Bordering On Fascism,” Obama A “Good Guy”

Hope & Change™ Update:
Poverty Expected To Reach Levels Not Seen Since Mid-1960′s

President Obama Distorts Mitt Romney’s Record And Ignores His Own

Obama Shows Real Disdain For Entrepreneurs


Netanyahu To Romney: Iran Is Top Concern

Obama: Hugo Chavez, Iran Ties Not A ‘Serious’ Security Threat To US

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC’s Isikoff Links Bush To Gun Used In Aurora Shootings

NBC’s Gregory Ties Clinton’s OKC Bombing/Limbaugh
Speech To Aurora Massacre

After Days Big Networks/CNN Finally Notice
Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Remarks

CBS’s Nancy Giles Insists There Is A GOP ‘War On Women’

Zakariah And Rattner: Zero Credibility On Ethics

NPR Hires Lobbyists As GOP Looks To
Crackdown On Public Broadcasting Funds

Jason Alexander: 2nd Amendment Proponents
 Aren’t ‘True Patriots’; Piers Morgan Agrees

 Actress Ellen Barkin Goes On Late-Night Twitter
Rampage Against Conservatives, Jon Lovitz


Kashmir: Imam Throws Acid In Face Of Woman
For Operating Beauty Parlor

Syrian Rebels Say Fight For Aleppo Has Begun

BBC Olympics Website Lists Israel Without Capital,
Lists “East Jerusalem” As Capital Of “Palestine”