Must Know Headlines


Demand Harry Reid Bring Audit The Fed Bill To A Vote In The Senate

Partners In Crime: Media Matters And DOJ:
Deceiving The Public And Bullying Inquisitive Reporters

Pentagon Islamic Adviser Reappears As Political Leader
For Syrian Muslim Brotherhood-Dominated Group

Mitt Romney

New Romney Ad Features NAACP Members Saying “We Need Romney”

Romney Makes No Apologies For American Exceptionalism

NBC’s Brian Williams To Romney: Will You Pick An “Incredibly Boring
White Guy” For VP? – Romney To Williams:
“You Told Me You Were Not Available”

Barack Obama

Obama Creating African-American Education Office

Nearly 80 Percent Of Obama’s Major Donors
In 2008 Received Political Appointments

 Obama Admin Sends Another $426K To Planned Parenthood

White House Banning Reporters From Tweeting Biden’s Comments

Small Businessmen Push Back Against Obama

“You Didn’t Build That” Gets Under His Skin

Obama: Turn Off ‘Real Housewives’;
‘You’ve Got To Earn Your Success’


Report: Obamacare Penalty To Hit Uninsured Poor People Hard

 30 Million Will Still Be Uninsured After Obamacare

Rep. Schakowsky (D)‘Unaware’ Obamacare Reg
Requires Offering Free Sterilizations To Teens


Hillary’s Chief Worked With Al-Qaida Front Man

Jobs Program Spent $76,000 Per Person
To Help Youth Find Minimum Wage Jobs

The People v. The Democratic Party 

Unions Offer Reward To Anyone Who Can Reveal
Location Of Romney Fundraiser

Axelrod Blames GOP For Obama’s Negative Campaigning

Democrat-Activist Media

New York Times: Delusional On The Debt Ceiling

AP Report On Guilty Plea In Cleveland Bombing Plot Grudgingly
Notes, Then Downplays Occupy Movement Connection

BuzzFeed Reporters Mock GOP Convention With DNC
Press Secretary, Create Democrat Talking Points

NBC’s Todd Whines Over Lack Of
‘Rational Policy Debate’ About Gun Control


Overseas Voting In 24 States Vulnerable To Hackers

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