Must Know Headlines


Video: The Liberal Media’s History Of Falsely
Blaming Conservatives For Massacres

FULL SPEECH: Watch C.L. Bryant Bring Down The House At FreePAC

Production Tax Credit (PTC): Unfair

Local Scofflaw Teamster Union Bosses
Violate Federal Settlement, Worker’s Rights

Video: Gay Rapper Antoine Dodson Chooses Tasty Chick-fil-A Over Boycott  

ILLEGAL Immigration

Top Immigration Officials: Criminals Being
Set Free Under Obama’s ‘Amnesty’ Policy

Obama Plans Massive 2nd-Term Amnesty For Illegals:
Program Would Immediately Register New Americans To Vote

‘He’s A DREAMer. Release Him’: Immigration Officials Outline
Disturbing Changes Under New Obama Executive Order

OUTRAGE: ICE And Border Patrol Leaders Expose The
‘Border Chaos’ Resulting From Obama Amnesty Decree

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Waited Five Hours Before
Sending Black Abortion Victim To ER

Obama Admin Sends Another $426K To Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s Founder: Colored People
Are Like Human Weeds And Are To Be Exterminated

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Sr: Tax Rich At 100% Of Income

Obama Tells Black And Hispanic Voters Obamacare Is For Them

Obama Says His Plan Has Worked, But The Data Say No

What Would Egypt’s Mursi Have To Do To
Get Disinvited By Obama — Eat Babies?

Busted… Team O Plants 3 “Surprised” Veterans At Out-Of-The-Way
Diner To Speak With Obama – Then Releases Their Bios

Obama Hits 2 Reelection Fundraisers


Why Democrats Get The Black Vote

High Ranking DOJ Official Refuses To Affirm 1st Amendment Rights

Senate Cybersecurity Bill Gets Worse The More You Read It

Democrat Senators Offer Gun Control Amendment For Cybersecurity Bill

Democrat-Led Senate Votes To Raise Taxes On Small Businesses

How Come DOJ Isn’t Prosecuting Top Obama Crony Jon Corzine?

 CEO Of Green Company Backed By Taxpayers Bragged
‘I’m A Political Beast’

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC Desperately Scrambles To Claim Romney
Told Olympians ‘You Didn’t Build That’

Despite Press Corps Guffaws, Yahoo News Claims ‘No
Political Motive’ In Carney’s Olympics Comments

WaPo Ezra Klein’s ‘Facts’ About Guns And Violence Tell A Slanted Story

  Media Yawns As Obama Launches Another Flagrantly Dishonest Attack Ad


France Braces For Major Tax Increases By Socialists

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