Dinesh D’Souza: Bundy Ranchers Are Facing Real Domestic Terror
From Their Own Government (Video)

Must Know Headlines


Longing For The Heady Days Of Solyndra,
DOE ‘Investing’ $4 Billion To Make It Happen Again

Top Socialist Economist Says He’s Been Working
With Democrats & Obama “For A Long Time”

Maryland Obamacare Exchange Spent $90 Million
On Technology Before Abandoning Website

Slap On The Wrist For A Confessed,
Wealthy Employer Of Many Illegal Aliens

Jim DeMint: ‘Big Government Benefits The Rich’

Emails Show Corruption At Heart Of Administration

Embattled ‘X-Men’ Director Drops Out
Of Biden-Led Creativity Conference

Bundy Ranch

Rand Paul Calls For Reid To ‘Calm The Rhetoric’ On Bundy
Ranch: This Is About The Needs Of A Turtle Over A Man

 Bundy’s Nevada Ranch: Funny Way Supporters Are Responding
To Harry Reid Calling Them ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Reid DOUBLES DOWN: Bundy Supporters
‘Domestic, Violent Terrorist Wannabes’

Barack Obama

Obama Signs Ted Cruz Bill Into Law,
But Says He Won’t Enforce It

 Obama Delaying Keystone Decision Till After Election

Obama Chooses Politics Over Jobs Again

Unbeliebable: White House Turns Bieber
Petition Response Into Immigration Screed

Obama Deliberately Emboldening Our Enemies

Ouch: College Students Give Obama
A Cold Reception In Pennyslvania

High School Seniors And Parents
Tell Shelly To Stay Away

Rapist’s Painting Hung In The White House


A Lesson In Liberal/Democratic Party Hypocrisy

Abortion Zealot Wendy Davis (D)
Caught Up In FBI Investigation

Obama Just Set Up A Headfake For
The Democrats On The Keystone

Watch Hillary Clinton Praise ‘Incredibly Brave’
Illegal Immigrant For Admitting Her Status

Hypocrite Dan Maffei (D) Buys Up $1 Million Ad Blitz

Democrat-Activist Media

Poll: CNN’s Week-Long Campaign For
Wendy Davis Backfires

Gwen Ifill Shames Critic Of PBS Bias: Surely, If You
Watched, ‘Even You’ Would Disagree With Yourself

CBS Devotes 15 Minutes To Obama
Interview: No IRS, Benghazi

Politico’s Nather: Obama Can ‘Spike the Football’
Because Obamacare ‘Is Beating Expectations’


Abortion Survivor Wows Crowd With Speech