Rising Anti-Police Vigilantism And President Obama’s Silence


Jessica Chambers: Teen Murdered Immediately After Local
Blacks  Called For Rape & Burning Of White Women

FBI Issues Warning: Black Prison
Gang Is Targeting White Cops

BREAKING: Tampa Bay Police Officer SHOT
And KILLED, Suspect In Custody

Off-Duty Officer Shot In His Car In North St. Louis

‘I Can’t Breathe’ Protesters Obstruct Paramedics
From Dying Man Struggling To Breathe

Al Sharpton Leads March In DC As NYC Protesters
Chant: ‘What Do We Want? Dead Cops!’

NYPD Shooting

Black Muslim Who Quoted Koran Murders 2
NYPD Cops As “Revenge For Garner”

NYPD Shooting Eyewitness:
People ‘Clapping and Laughing’ After Killings

Jaden Ramos – Son Of NYPD Rafael Ramos
Says Bye To His Father On Facebook

Watch: NYPD Officers Turn Backs
On NYC Mayor De Blasio

Cop Killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley Sold Shirts
Encouraging Killing George Zimmerman

Former NY Gov. Pataki Blames Holder For Shootings

Barack Obama

Obama Golfs For The 206th Time As President:
(Bush Golfed 24 Times In 8 Years As President)

Obama: ‘I’ll Act On My Own
When It’s Necessary’

Obama Apologizes To Castro

‘Stupid And Dangerous’: Obama
Releases More Gitmo Detainees

Obama Takes Questions Only From Female
Reporters; Gets Personal With One, Cuts Off Another

Unlike They Did For Abortionist Tiller,
No Quick Statements By Obama Or Holder
On Execution of New York Police Officers

A Dictator’s Best Friend: Obama Rescues
Tyrants From Havana To Damascus

Cuban Exiles Protest Obama’s Move
To Normalize Relations

Democrat-Activist Media

Year-End Awards: The Biggest Obamagasms Of 2014

Sally Kohn Defends Anti-Cop
Protesters With Absurd Analogy

Chuck Todd: Obama ‘Earned The
Right To Have Some Swagger’ 

AP, Other Reporting On New York’s Fracking
Ban Ignores Awful Upstate Economy 


Communists’ Best Week Ever