Luis Gutierrez (D) To La Raza (The Race): Get Amnesty To
'Punish' Americans Against Illegal Immigration

Must Know Headlines


Obama State Dept Defends Grant To UN Agency
Found To Have Hamas Rockets In Schools

If Rule Of Law Is Replaced By Rule Of Party, We’re In Trouble

Gang Member Wanted For Murder Killed In
Border Shootout With Texas Police

Group Of Boy Scouts Held At Gunpoint At U.S. Border

ILLEGAL Immigration

Shots Fired Across Border Draw Yawn From Washington

Pew Research Report: Nearly 90% Of Illegal
Immigrant ‘Children’ Are Teenagers

Brewer: Unaccompanied Kids Released To
People We Know Nothing About

‘Very Aggressive,’ ‘Vicious’ Illegal Alien
Teen Could Be Set Free By Feds

Microsoft Job Cuts Underscore Hypocrisy On Immigration

Barack Obama

Obama Hits 3 Fundraisers Today

LA Street Artist Blasts Obama For ‘Scandalous’ Fundraiser

Obama At DNC Fundraiser: ‘Old World Order Is
Crumbling But Unfortunately No New World Order…Yet’

Ban On Flights To Tel Aviv–>It’s A Warning
From Obama Not About Hamas Rocket


WH Spokesman Josh Earnest: Administration Will
Ignore Today’s Court Ruling On Obamacare (Video)

King Barack Rewrites Obamacare….Again:
His 24th Unilateral Change To PPACA

Federal Agents Get Obamacare Using Fake IDs

Consumers In 36 States Ineligible For Obamacare
Subsidies Due To Law’s Wording


Democrats To Spend Week Living On Minimum Wage Budget

 ‘Blue-Collar, Anti-Capitalist Everyman’
Michael Moore Owns NINE Homes, Divorce Reveals

Dem Senators Aim To Block State Restrictions On Abortion

Top Three Super PAC Donors Are Superrich Liberals

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Baby Jesus’ Argument

Rep. DeLauro Accuses GOP Of Treating Unemployed

Planned Parenthood

Another Planned Parenthood Caught Promoting
X-Rated Advice To Underage Girls

Ex-Planned Parenthood Director: They Told Me
Every Baby Killed In Abortion Made Them $313.29

Democrat-Activist Media

Merriam-Webster’s Definition Of Bigotry Is Conservatism

Brian Williams Grills Netanyahu, Then Touts
Hamas Calling Him A ‘War Criminal’

CBS News Relegates Latest In IRS Scandal To Its Website 

CNN Lib Sally Kohn Says Hamas’ Violence
No Different Than Israel’s

VIDEO:  MSNBC Host Thinks You’re Too STUPID To Give An
Opinion On Hillary Clinton’s Qualifications For President

Jon Stewart Isn’t A Self-Hating Jew,
He Just Hates Being Jewish

Joy Behar: Palin Should Be ‘Turning Letters
Over On Some Game Show’

MSNBC’s Matthews Slams ‘Stupid’ Iowa Republican
Voters Who Might Back Perry 


Press Furious That Obama Shut Them Out
Of Moon Landing Celebration