Border Surge Fueled By Obama's 99.3% Chance Of Being Allowed To Stay

Must Know Headlines


Obama Inc. To Make It 5X More Expensive
To Stop Being A US Citizen

As Labor Day Weekend Starts, 3 Lie Dead And
33 Are Wounded In Chicago Violence

Thomas Sowell: No More Affirmative Action Presidents

Unarmed Man Shot And Killed, 4 Others Wounded
Near Brooklyn Route Of West Indian Day Parade

Electricity Prices Rise Most Since 2009

North Carolina: Natives Accounted For Most Of  The Growth In
Population, But All Employment Growth Went To Immigrants

3 Columbus Indiana Churches Vandalized
With Qur’an 3:151 Graffiti


ISIS Publication Aims To Lure Recruits;
Justifies Atrocities By Citing Mohammed

Report: 3 More Americans Killed Fighting With ISIS In Syria

ILLEGAL Immigration

Obama Feds Encouraging Deported

Not News: Tens of Thousands Of Illegal Immigrant
‘Children’ Dispersed Throughout U.S

Barack Obama

Briefed On ISIS For Year … And Still Pres. Obama
Called Them ‘JV’ … And Still He Has ‘No Strategy’?

Obama Blames Social Media And News
Shows For Dismal World View

Halfway Through Second Term
Obama Tells People To ‘Hope’ [Pic]

Obama Plans To Regulate Every
Appliance In Your Home

Obama Talks About “Immigration Rights”


Virginia Democrat: “Let Us Pray To God That He
Infects All Members Of NRA With Ebola”

Email Reveals Lois Lerner Ignored
Political Expenditures By Unions

Democrat Mark Begich Tried To Use Family Of Murder
Victims To Attack His Opponent, And The Family Is LIVID

Liberalism Is An Ideology Of Consistent Inconsistency

Democrat-Activist Media

LA Times Now Describing Illegal Aliens As
‘Informal Workers’ Who ‘Labor Unofficially’

Blood-Stained Hypocrisy Of
Hollywood’s Violence Profiteers

MSNBC Article: Michael Brown Shooting
Same As Emmett Till Murder

The New York Times, L.A. Times Censor Anti-ISIS Ad

CNN Shows Anti-Israel Bias In Report On
1,000 Acres Israel Claimed Yesterday

As Obama Admits ‘We Don’t Have A  Strategy’
For ISIS in Syria, Nets Obsessed Over President’s Suit 

PBS Doubles Down, Hosts Video Chat With Producers
Of Film “Humanizing” Late-Term Abortions

British Imam Makes 9/11 Terrorism
Joke During CNN Sound Check

Melissa Harris-Perry Thinks The Minimum
Wage Murders People In Cars

Clueless In Ferguson

The Most Incredibly Stupid T-Shirt You’ll
See About The Ferguson Shooting

Demonstrators SHUT DOWN INTERSTATE 270
To Protest #MikeBrown’s Shooting Death (Video)


Repeal Obamacare, Don’t ‘Reform’ It