Net Neutrality Passes: Everybody Equal, But Google Much More Equal

Must Know Headlines


ObamaCare’s Max Deductible To Hit $6,850 In 2016

Oscars: Millionaire Calls For Equal Pay,
Gets Cheered By Fellow Millionaires

The U.S.-Supported Terrorists Of
The Palestinian Authority

Lloyd Marcus: The Left’s War
On White America

ILLEGAL Immigration

Obama Gave Out Millions Of Work
Permits To Illegal Immigrants

Amnesty Contract Canceled As White
House Struggles To Comply With Ruling

Mexican Consulates Working Overtime
To Issue IDs, Documents

Obama Admin Asks Court To Restart
Amnesty So Illegals Can Get Benefits

Study Finds USCIS Issued More Than 7.4
Million Work Permits In ‘Shadow System’

Barack Obama

Obama Justice Dept. Reveals Border Logic: ‘Integrity Of
The Border’ Best Served By Protecting Illegal Immigrants

FCC, FEC Commissioners Warn Obama’s Internet
Regs Will Make Internet As Slow As In Europe

Congress To Obama Admin: U.S. Billions
Are ‘Enabling’ Terror Regimes In Qatar

 Black 12-Year-Old Goes Nuclear On Obama:
Scorches President’s ‘Downright Hatred For This Nation’


Chickens Come Home To Roost… Jeremiah
Wright’s Daughter Is Sent To Prison

Yesterday: DHS Chief Says “Democrats Are Not Blocking”
Funding Bill – Today: Senate Dems Block
DHS Funding Bill For 5th Time

Oops! Chelsea Clinton ‘Loved @PattyArquette’s
Speech'; Forgot Hillary’s Wage Gaps

Patricia Arquette Is Right (About Women In
Hollywood And On Hillary Clinton’s Staff)

Democrat-Activist Media

Black Media Group Sues Al Sharpton, Comcast
For $20 Million For Racial Discrimination

During Oscars, Planned Parenthood Sends
Hypocritical Message On Racism

After Devouring Giuliani For Obama
Remark, NYT Targets Scott Walker

Conservative Voices Silenced At Univision Radio

CBS Skews Stats To Back Up Patricia
Arquette’s Equal Pay Comments