Obama’s Immigration “Legacy:” Lower Wages, Less Security for Americans

Must Know Headlines


‘Huge Surge’ Of ‘Unscreened’ Muslims Flooding US: Feds ‘Admit,
Under Oath, That They Have No Idea Who These People Are’

Woman Who Cut 7-Month-Old Baby Out Of
Mother’s Womb Won’t Face Murder Charge

GERMAN NEWS REPORT: Co-Pilot Of Germanwings Airbus
Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero Of Islamic State’?

$15.7 Billion Company Receives $259
Million Loan (Of Your Money)


Bergdahl Deal Is No Surprise Coming From The
Man Who Leaked Israel’s Nuclear Secrets

Vindicated: Bergdahl Platoon Members React To Desertion
Charges, Obama Administration Smears

Barack Obama

Obama Just Made It A Lot Easier For Companies To
Replace Americans w/Foreign Workers

Obama Rewrites Another Immigration Policy

Team Obama To Give Iranians Everything
They Want In Nuke Deal

Middle East Imploding . . . Obama Heads
To South Florida For Golf Vacation

Obama Release Of Secret Report On
Israel Nukes Betrays Ally

Obama’s America: Typical White Household
Has 16 Times The Wealth Of A Black One

Obama Traded 5 Taliban Commanders
For Man Officially Charged w/Desertion


Hillary Clinton Cult Warns That They Are WATCHING
For Anyone Using These 13 “Coded Sexist” Words

Obama’s Middle Eastern Flameout Has
Dems, Media Starting To Panic

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA): Global Warming Will
Turn Women Into Prostitutes For Food

DHS Won’t Fire A Top Official Who Did Political Favors
For Democrats Because ‘We Need To Move On’

Democrats Are Sending Out Deranged Fundraising Emails Again

Democrat-Activist Media

Feds Paid Politico $432K In 2014:
Nearly A Million Taxpayer Dollars To Politico Since 2011

ABC And CBS Continue To Omit That Soldier Died
While Searching for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl 

ABC, NBC Skip Report On DEA Sex
Parties Paid For By Drug Cartels 

Liberal Writer: Watching My Wife Give
Birth Made Me More Pro-Abortion

Fortune Names Ferguson Activists To
‘World’s 50 Greatest Leaders’ List 

Four Times Media Lost Their Minds Over
Remarks By Likely 2016 GOP Candidates

Matthews Misleads Audience On
Indiana Religious Freedoms Law 

Republicans Twice As Likely To Be Targeted
By Washington Post Fact Checker


Convicted Terrorist Allowed To Use TSA’s
‘Pre-Check’ System At Major Airport