Liberal Activists In Colorado: Illegally Filling Out
Ballots To Steal Votes Is "Truly Awesome"

Must Know Headlines


Tom Coburn Highlights Ridiculous Government
Spending In Final Wastebook

Goodlatte On New DHS Ebola Policy:
Would Not Have Stopped Duncan From Reaching Dallas

California Orders Churches To Fund Abortions—Or Else

Palin: ‘Fake Feminists’ Keeping Women Dependent On Government 

Terrorists Freed For Deserter Bergdahl
Visited By Haqqani Terror Network

Voter Fraud

O’Keefe Video: Voter Fraud Ground Zero In ‘Ghetto Aurora’

Republican Accuses Liberal Activist Of Committing
Vote Fraud — And Has Video To Back It Up 

“Go F___ Yourself, Gringo,” Says Liberal
Stuffing Hundreds Of Ballots

 Dem GOTV Group Caught On Camera Endorsing Voter Fraud


Mike Brown Autopsy Leaked: Evidence He Reached For
Officer’s Gun, Did NOT Have Arms Raised When Shot

Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Says He “Almost Lost
Consciousness” When Brown Smashed Him In Face

Just Guess What Ferguson Police Found On Missouri
Democrat Who Has Sponsored Several ‘Anti-Gun’ Bills

“They’re All Run By  Zionists!” – Ferguson Protesters
Shut Down CNN Live Broadcast, Chase Away Reporter

New Report On Michael Brown Case
Offers Three Explosive Revelations

ILLEGAL Immigration

Dem Strategist Admits: Obama Already Has ‘Removed
The Threat Of Deportation’ For Most Illegal Aliens

Report: Feds Have ICE Officers ‘Look The Other Way’

Border Patrol Agent: US Faces Ebola Threat Via Southern Border

Barack Obama

Obama Prepping Amnesty For 34 Million?

Executive Amnesty Begins: Obama Administration Quietly
Prepares ‘Surge’ Of Millions Of New Immigrant IDs

Obama Pulls Fleeing Dems Back In Again:
‘These Are All Folks Who Vote With Me’

Obama Labor Board Bucks Precedent And Positions Itself To
Weaken Worker-Backed Elections To Remove Unwanted Unions

Man To Obama: ‘Mr. President, Don’t Touch My Girlfriend’
So Obama Kissed Her


Ebola Exposed Students Go Back To School

Another American With Ebola Discharged After Six-Week Hospital Stay

Ebola Chicago: University Of Chicago Medical
Center Isolates 2 Patients With Ebola Symptoms


 Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested On The Street In
#Fergusdemocratson – Drunk & Packing Heat

Jill Biden Barnstorming The Country For Money

Democrats Send Ferguson-Themed Pamphlets To Black Georgia Voters

N.C. Dem Senate Candidate Kay Hagan Skips Debate 

The Internet Didn’t Bully You, Ms. Lewinsky —
Bill Clinton And The Democrat Party Did That

Democrats Pull Away From Truth, Not Just Obama

NAACP Speaker’s Alleged Remarks: Let’s Create Confusion
During Nov. 2014 Election By Deliberately Misleading Voters

Democrat-Activist Media

Palestinian Terrorist Wounds 9 Israelis Including 3-Month-Old Baby
– AP Headline: “Israeli Police Shoot Man”

Chris Matthews Ignores Dem Senator’s Attack On Desegregation;
Spends Most Of ‘Hardball’ Blasting GOP As Racist 

TV News Blacks Out This Year’s Bad Election News For Democrats

NBC: If GOP Wins Senate, They’d Better Not Oppose ObamaCare 


Woman Aborts 20-Week-Old Baby At Home,
Police Describe Baby’s “Sad Little Face”