Largest Illegal Alien Caravan In Year Heading Our Way – Leader Of It Blasts Biden

These people are PATHETIC. They know what they are doing is illegal and wrong. They know this is not what Americans voted for but they coming anyways. Biden is bringing the world’s criminals, crazies, and moochers. People are poor in the USA because the. democrat party of slavery keeps brining them to US. Crime is high and on the increase because of the foreigners that the democrat party of slavery traffics. Not to mention, we are forced to spend TRILLIONS on illegal aliens and Biden’s migrants. The fake news ignores the fact that the USA is being invaded and all of the crime that illegal aliens commit. Because it is the mainstream media’s job to defend the democrat party of slavery and the ILLEGALS they traffic. I really wish foreigners would stop getting trafficked to the USA by the democrat party of slavery.

Prison For Joe Biden and Kamala Harris . They are the world’s number one child trafficker, human trafficker, and sex trafficker.

Largest Illegal Alien Caravan in Year Heading Our Way – Leader of It Blasts Biden


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