American Academy Of Pediatrics Says Covid Vax Is Safe & Effective In Commercial, Tells Parents To Get Kids Vaxxed

The commercials for the covid vaccine are back! I saw several of them on the Travel Channel yesterday and today. The fake doctors on an American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) commercial said the covid vaccine is safe and effective. They said it is a double layer of protection. Then the next day, about 6 hours later, I saw a covid and flu vaccine commercial on the Travel Channel. And right after that vaccine commercial, I saw another commercial with more fake doctors talking about all the research and hard work they do to find causes of and cures for cancer. Yet you will never hear any doctor at the AAP or in the mainstream media say that vaccines, especially the covid mRNA one, can give you cancer. They don’t research or admit that.

See the AOP commercial here and please follow me on Rumble because I can only get 22 followers on Rumble in over one year because other than not giving me a strike and taking down my podcasts like You Tube does, Rumble censors me worse. I emailed them about it several times. Once they understood what I was asking for, which was to help me get followers, Rumble employees stopped responding to my emails completely. Rumble is NOT what they say they are. They are a censoring machine.

I googled the American Academy of Pediatrics and look what I found. The AAP is a globalist and fake American group trying to kill and harm your kids with vaccines, and change their DNA. The covid vaccine is NOT safe and effective, and it does not give you a second layer of protection. It makes you sick with covid if ya haven’t noticed. And it has many horrible side effects including death. Sorry but I live in the real world. And know people who have gotten several covid shots and experienced horrible side effects, including turbo cancer. But of course the doctors don’t research that. They just sell them chemo.



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