X Gave Me Warning Labels On Screenshot Of Mail Online’s Headline & Photo

Look At the Daily Mail’s biased and misleading headline  and photos below about an excellent speech by Donald Trump. Trump spoke for over an hour. It is very clear he is at the top of his game, and his mind is in tip top shape. Trump kicked him out because he disrupted the event! Did you want him to say nothing and let the democrat keep screaming?!

Listen to his entire speech here: rumble.com/v488g99-live-p Hey

@MailOnline why don’t you stop acting like CNN and MSNBC. You’re supposed to be better than that.





I tried to post this exact post (above) on X and look what they did. LOL



Then I post a screenshot of their warnings 3 more times, and they kept putting warning label on. All because I posted a screenshot of a Mail Online fake news article about Trump’s New Hampshire speech and a link to his full speech.

I did include Mail Online’s @ on my first 2 X posts about it. Maybe they complained about me complaining?!! It doesn’t make sense but it’s clear X censors and puts warning labels on people’s posts!


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