8-Year-Old Boy Shot In The Head By Thug While Looking At Christmas Lights With Family

The mainstream media in the USA won’t make a big deal of this news, if they even mention it at all.

8-Year-Old Boy Shot in the Head by Thug While Looking at Christmas Lights with Family


Look I googled it (below). Not one mainstream US news outlet showed up on the first page results. Just ‘People’ and ‘Yahoo Finance Canada’. If they did report on it, it would  have showed up on this first page of results.




Then I googled: 8-Year-Old Boy Shot in the Head Zachariah Bannister with CNN before it. Then with MSNBC before it. Then with CBS before it. ABC before it. NBC before it. Then with NY Times before it. Not one article came up about this story from any of those fake news outlets. Because the story does NOT fit their narrative. However, I did notice Yahoo reported it. And MSN wrote one article about it. But they didn’t write a bunch of different articles about it. But if a white man did this to a black kid, these same news outlets would never shut up about it.

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