ANOTHER HATE HOAX: Muslim Man in Ohio Arrested For Faking Hate Crime, Claiming He Was Injured by Driver Who Screamed “Kill All Palestinians”

Democrats and the foreigners they traffic and smuggle always fake hate crimes. It’s a never-ending thing. The fake news does NOT tell the truth about hate crimes and fake hate crimes. Instead they use them to further the democrat party of slavery’s narratives and interests $$$. Sometimes the fake news is forced to report the truth. But it’s rare.


(GP) Another day, another hate hoax.

A Muslim man living in North Olmsted, Ohio was arrested and hit with multiple misdemeanor charges after he faked a hate crime and claimed he was injured by a driver who screamed “kill all Palestinians!”

Last month 20-year-old Hesham Ayyad was taken to the hospital after telling police an Israeli man ran over him while screaming “kill all Palestinians!” “long live Israel!” and “Die!”

Prominent Muslims on X spread the hate hoax.  READ ARTICLE

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