Biden Admin Increases Number Of Immigrants Allowed To Enter US Using Mobile App

I know a democrat voter who thinks the immigration problem right now is NOT Biden’s fault. I try to fill her and and she gets crazy and tells me to stop. Joe Biden’s policies and lack of border protection are directly responsible for our OPEN BORDERS. Biden and his democrat party of slavery traffic and fund the invasion because they are child traffickers, child sex traffickers, human traffickers, sex traffickers, and human smugglers. The democrat party of slavery never died.

This is just one of the hundreds of ways illegitimate Joe and his democrat party of slavery are bringing unvetted foreigners to the USA after stealing the 2020 elections from US. Democrats bring these people to the US to help them cheat and rig OUR elections even more. But America voted for secure borders and less immigrants. We vote to put Americans first in the USA, bring ALL of our troops home, end all wars the US is involved in, to build the wall, and to help make the world great.



Biden Admin Increases Number of Immigrants Allowed to Enter US Using Mobile App

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