Broadway Shows Suffering As Suburban Tourists Avoid New York City Due To High Crime

I got mugged in NYC 20 years ago by an illegal alien, drug addict, hispanic BUM beggar. He pushed me in the street and stole my purse. I was in a “good” area too. Actually, there are no safe areas in NYC, or the US anymore, because of ILLEGAL ALIENS.

A man from another country pushed an American woman in the street and stole her purse. I was lucky the light had just turned green down the way, and I was able to get off the street before getting hit by one.

Criminals from all over the world come to NYC, and America, to rob, rape, mooch, and kill. And democrats let them right in because the democrat party of slavery does NOT care if FOREIGNERS, legal and illegal, rape, kill, and rob Americans. FACT.

Prison for Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas




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