Covid Killing Democrat Gov. Gretchen Hitler: Michigan Won’t ‘Buy What Trump Is Selling’

Gretchen Hitler killed unknown THOUSANDS of people in nursing homes with her covid policies. Then she lied about how many died. She doesn’t regret it and never apologized. Everyone who isn’t a brainwashed idiot knew that Whitmer sending people with covid to get care in nursing homes would KILL PEOPLE in nursing homes. Whitmer did it on purpose to increase the number of covid deaths to hurt Donald Trump in the 2020 election!

Gretchen Hitler said the covid vaccine was safe and effective. It’s NOT. Now she says people in Michigan won’t buy what Trump is selling yet everything Trump says comes true because he tells the truth.

Whitmer is a lying, cheating, killing, scumbag who belongs in prison.

Prison for Gretchen Whitmer


Newsmax: “When Donald Trump comes to Michigan, he’ll see a state that is better off because President Biden has our backs,” her statement began. READ MORE







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