Fake News: Magazine At Grocery Store Had Trump On Cover With Stupid Face, It Said Battling Dementia

My friend went to the grocery store. She said when she was in line checking out, she saw a magazine with a photo of Donald Trump on the cover with a stupid looking face. And it said: Battling Dementia. She wasn’t sure which magazine it was so I googled it. It was, The Globe. The fake news lies so much. We literally have an illegitimate, senile, moron, puppet, criminal with demential as president. And Donald Trump just got his doctors results back for everyone to see confirming he is in great health. But the fake news says Trump has dementia. Trump should sue them. People who think Trump has dementia do NOT listen to him speak or pay close attention to anything he does.

Joe Biden is the one with dementia. If you can’t see it then there is a good chance that you are mentally ill, stupid. or have dementia.


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