Fake News & Maryland Democrat Gov. Say No Evidence Of Terrorism At Bridge Collapse

I have learned when democrat politicians (like the governor of Maryland), the US intel agencies, and the fake news say there is no evidence of terrorism, it is often a terrorist attack. Many people think Islamic terrorism when we say terrorism, but that is not what I mean. Terrorism can be caused by anyone, including the US government, China, Soros, and other criminals who are trying to destroy the USA, and help get Biden reelected. For the Maryland Governor to say there is no credible evidence The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse was a terrorist attack, so quickly, tells me this was a terrorist attack.

People are still investigating, but Google is filled with stories claiming there is no evidence of a terror attack. Because the mainstream media just repeats democrat propaganda and lies. Look how bad the fake news, below, wants everyone to know this bridge collapse was not a terrorist attack. The fake news does NOT know it was not a terror attack, but they say it anyways.


Check out this video below.  The crash looks intentional.  The US government, its intel agencies, police, and the news should be investigating this story as opposed to telling US this wasn’t a terrorist attack. There is a chance the US government, democrat politicians, and their intel agencies caused the attack or at the very least, let it happen. And that is why they say there is no evidence it was a terrorist attack.

Just saying. You have to have an open mind. Anything is possible. We are under attack as a country, if you haven’t noticed. Joe Biden, the democrat party, and the government they control are illegitimate and criminal as hell. And they will do anything to make sure Donald Trump is not reelected because when he is, they are going to prison. Justice will be served, finally.

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