Foreigner Bums All Over The Place

Look at this foreigner in a lawn chair, wearing a long skirt and sandals, holding a young boy on a busy road. There was a man with her, holding a sign, begging for money too. Maybe the man will rob someone later for money because people were not throwing  money his way. Not like they were when I saw a beggar holding a sign on the corner of nice city that said she was from Ukraine. There are bums from other countries everywhere. It’s worse than ever but stupid Americans can’t figure out why. It’s because the democrat party of slavery imports them illegally, hoping for their vote. That’s all they want from foreigners.

Notice how fat this bum is?! She isn’t starving and probably has an EBT card. Look at her skirt and sandals. The man begging for money was overweight too!  The democrat party of slavery imports the world’s bums, moochers, criminals and crazies. But these people have their own countries. We have no idea who they are. The man could be a part of a cartel. They both could be mentally ill.  Go beg on the street of the country you came from. The world isn’t some horrible place like democrats like to make Americans think it is. People need to fix their own countries. That is the real resistance.

All foreigners come to US for money and free whatever they can get. But this only harms their country and ours. The democrat party is the world’s number one human trafficker who invite and bribe the entire world to come to US.

Oh and just because people have kids does NOT make them good people. Who knows if this is even her child. I know people LIE, especially foreigners to get into the USA. In fact, she trafficked a child here then sits in a lawn chair on a busy road to beg for money. She didn’t come for a better life. Because she can get a better life in her own country.

The best thing you can do for this child is take him back to his own country.

Most bums are foreigners, including the white ones.


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