Google Ads Cracks Me Up

Even though they don’t let me run their ads on my homepage, which I actually prefer, I like Google Ads. Despite them removing their ads from certain pages of mine, telling me in the past I can’t run their ads, sending me email warnings, and not generating any revenue for me, Google Ads do make websites more interesting. I like clicking on and purchasing things I need or want from websites I visit. However, this cracked me up. The ad below started appearing on my website for no reason. So, I clicked on it because I found it amusing. But now, these ads won’t stop following me around to all the websites I visit. LOL LOL LOL.


Google Ads will not stop showing me these men’s underwear in 3 spots on a page!. LOL No matter how many times GA’s show me these men’s underwear, I will never buy a pair.

Don’t click on an ad if you don’t want it to follow you around for a very long time. lol





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