I Just Heard Someone On CNN Try To Blame Russia For The Hamas Attack On Israel

Some male on the Anderson Cooper show just said Russia backed Iran. Then he tried to blame Russia for the Hamas attack. I couldn’t rewind it to record. But this guest on Cooper’s fake news show would never say that Barack Obama and Joe Biden funded the attacks on Israel even though Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave Iran 1.4 billion in cash total. Plus. Biden’s $6 Billion Ransom Payment to Iran Fuels Their Terror Machine. Barack Obama and Joe Biden funded the attack on Israel.

Then an old white man who used to work for Obama kept saying WE need to do this or that to bring peace to the Middle East. But WE are part of the problem!! Stay out of the Middle East!! Stop funding WAR, WEAPONS, & DEATH! Let the Middle East figure this out on their own!

Illegitimate Joe and Barack Obama funded Iran, Hamas, and Israel. Republicans fund Israel too.

Biden and his terrorist democrat party fund terrorism and World War 3 while NOT protecting the US borders. Because they are child trafficking and human smuggling domestic and international terrorists. I have been watching every day for over 20 years.

Prison for Joe Biden

The democrat party controls almost every word out of Anderson Cooper’s mouth on air. He’s a programmed fake news reporter. Anderson Cooper repeats democrat party and deep state propaganda, and that is the only reason he has a fake news show on CNN.



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